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With pROFITS fUND principles and practices

The principles and practices of financial management

what is a ppfm?

The Principles and Practices of Financial Management

On this page you will find the following PPFM information:

  • PPFM for LVFS with-profits policies
  • PPFM for RNPFN policies
  • Summary of changes to PPFM documents
  • Annual PPFM compliance report

Every company that offers with-profits investments has to document the principles and practices (the beliefs and behaviours) they use to manage these investments. Below you can download our Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM) documents.

PPFMs are technical documents but customer friendly versions are available. These are called 'Your guide to how we manage our with-profits fund' and can be viewed here.

LVFS With-Profits policies

This is the relevant PPFM if you have one of these policies.

Two policy documents side by side
  • Flexible Guarantee Bond
  • Flexible Guarantee Funds
  • All-in-1 Investment Bond
  • Flexi Guarantee Plan
  • Guaranteed Capital Bond
  • Conventional with-Profits
  • Unitised With-Profits
  • With-Profits Pension Annuity
  • Appropriate Personal Pension policy
  • Flexible Whole-Life Policy

Summary of Changes to PPFM documents


  • If you took out a with-profits policy through RNPFN (a policy which was underwritten by RNPFN, before they were acquired by Liverpool Victoria Life Company Limited), you will require the RNPFN version of the PPFM.