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fund options

Your Flexible Guarantee Bond Series 3 options explained

In three manageable chunks

Add a financial safety net to your investments with an optional guarantee

We know it's vital to feel comfortable and reassured with your investment choice. That's why we offer the option of buying an investment guarantee.

  • When you buy a guarantee, we promise that at the end of the guarantee term, your bond will be worth at least the amount of the investment at the time you bought the guarantee, less any withdrawals including any on-going and ad-hoc adviser charges, paid out. Naturally, if your bond is worth more than the guaranteed amount you'll get the extra as well.
  • You can buy a guarantee when you start your bond or at any time afterwards.
  • You can also replace an existing guarantee at any time. This means you can lock in any gains your investment has made if you're worried about market downturn.