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Our investment advice service can help plan your future and is for you if you...

  • Are looking to outperform interest rates on bank based cash deposits
  • Have a minimum amount of £15,000 to invest, or
  • Have existing investments of £25,000 either with LV=or other providers
  • Can set aside some of your investment for 5 years
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Customer case study - Consolidation

Here's an example of how we helped a customer to consolidate their investments into one simple plan. This isn't an actual client, but has been written to provide you with an idea of how we can help people in similar circumstances.

An investor looking to consolidate

An investor looking to consolidate

David, aged 32

We were contacted by David as he was looking to make an investment to a stocks and shares ISA for the current tax year.

Whilst reviewing David's current arrangements we identified that he held eight separate ISAs with different institutions. These had been taken out over a number of years. Some were taken out directly with providers through adverts whilst several had been taken out via his bank.

David liked the fact that his eggs weren't all in one basket, but did find the amount of administration with all these separate plans somewhat overwhelming.

In the analysis of these holdings we established that four of the eight funds were of a far greater risk level than appropriate for David's current view on risk.

Several of the funds risk levels had changed since they had been taken out. The majority of the funds had very high fund management charges associated with them. Additionally, David's bank was no longer able to offer advice on the plans they had originally set up.

This is how we helped David

      1. We advised that the funds were brought under one ISA wrapper
      2. The ISA wrapper could then be spread across four separate fund houses
      3. The funds chosen were appropriate for the view of risk and targeted so that the risk level doesn't change

David now has one simple plan, in funds that have the correct risk. There is a spread of investment across fund houses and asset classes so not all his eggs are in one basket. By using cleanly priced funds we were able to reduce the ongoing fund management costs. We now review the funds with David each year.

Paying for advice

Getting the right financial advice is very important. We're proud of the quality of service that our professionally qualified advisers provide. And you can benefit from their expertise too.

Our goals are

    • To provide you with the right investment to match your needs and circumstances.
    • To refer you to someone who can help if we're unable to.
    • To review any financial products you've taken out with us every year, to make sure they still meet your needs.
    • To communicate with you in a clear way to empower you to make an informed decision.

You can phone us on

You can phone us

0800 756 8516
18001 0800 756 8516

Lines are open from
9am - 5.30pm Mon to Thurs
9am - 5pm on Fri.

We may record and / or monitor calls for training and audit purposes.

Meet our advisers

The advice and guidance we provide ensures the customer enjoys the peace of mind and reassurance that they're doing the right thing.

Meet our advisers

Customer case studies

Here you can find some case studies designed to give you an idea of how we could help people like you.

Customer case studies

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