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Flexible Guarantee Bond Series 3

It is designed to offer the potential for growth on your investment over the long term.

  • Choose between three 'ready made' fund options
  • Invest between £5,000 and £1,000,000
  • Optional Guarantee
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Flexible Guarantee Bond Series 3 help and FAQs

How much of my money will be invested?

100% of the money you pay to us will be invested into your bond, after any initial adviser charge that you ask us to pay to your financial adviser on your behalf.

What is the guarantee?

The guarantee is exactly that - a guarantee that your bond will be worth at least a minimum amount at the end of the guarantee term.

We guarantee that the value of your bond at the end of your selected guarantee term will be at least the same as the value of your bond on the date you added it, less any money taken out since the guarantee was added. The guarantee only applies at the end of your guarantee term. You could get back less than the amount invested if you cash in at any other time.

The guarantee is available on each fund option but the choice of guarantee terms can be different for each fund option.

Of course, we can't offer this guarantee for free - you have to buy one. We've explained the charges for this in more detail in the Supplementary Information Document.

How will I know if my bond is performing?

Every year we'll send you a statement showing how your bond is performing. You can check the unit price by calling your financial adviser or looking on our website at our with-profits fund management page.

Where's my money invested?

Your money is invested in our with-profits fund. You can choose one of three fund options. Each of these invests in a mix of assets including stocks and shares, commercial property, fixed interest investments (both government and corporate bonds) and some cash. You can find out more about these fund options in our Supplementary Information Document document.

Can I make a withdrawal?

Yes, you can. Our bond is designed for people who can leave their money invested for at least five years or ideally longer. If you do need to take money out you can do so at any time and there is no charge for doing this.

If you're thinking about taking money out of your bond, please read the "What about tax" section of our Supplementary Information Document, as if you're a higher rate taxpayer, or become one because you take money out of your bond, there may be additional tax to pay.

If withdrawals paid out are more than the growth on your bond, this will eat into your original investment.

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