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RNPFN working together with LV=

RNPFN - The Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses
  • Founded in 1887 as a provider of financial products for health professionals and their partners
  • RNPFN has been a part of LV= since 2001
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RNPFN With-Profits Fund

Asset Allocation

The type of assets the with-profits fund invests in and the share of the fund that is invested in each asset type.


The types of bonus, when they're set and what they currently are.

Principles and Practices

How we manage the with-profits fund, including what it is, how it works and how bonuses are decided.

Investment Reports & Annual Reviews

These are produced each year and include information on how the with-profits fund has performed and commentaries on investment markets and the economic outlook.

Unit Prices

The latest unit prices for One ISA and With Profits Bond policies.

Interest Bearing Pension Policies

The latest interest rates for these policies.