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RNPFN working together with LV=

RNPFN - The Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses
  • Founded in 1887 as a provider of financial products for health professionals and their partners
  • RNPFN has been a part of LV= since 2001
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Unit Prices - RNPFN Managed Growth Fund

Two unit prices are calculated weekly. The higher one is called the ‘offer’ price and the lower one is called the ‘bid’ price. The difference between the two is approximately 5%. Units are allocated at the ‘offer’ price and encashed at the ‘bid’ price.

  • To work out the value of your Investment Bond or Maximum Investment Plan you need to multiply your unit holding by the current bid (or sale) price shown below

If you have an Investment Bond that invests in the Managed Growth Fund, you'll find unit holding information on your policy document and annual statements (please remember to take into account any withdrawals you might have made since the statement date). Statements for Investment Bond investors are sent around the policy anniversary.

If you have a Maximum Investment Plan, you need to refer to your latest annual statement for details of the units purchased. However, if you’re still paying premiums the statement won't show any units purchased since the statement date. Statements for Maximum Investment Plan savers are usually sent around the policy anniversary.

Valuation date

Current Bid Price

1 June 2018


The bid price is updated each week and is based on the weekly valuation of investments in the Managed Growth Fund.

Please be aware that if you choose to surrender your policy, the value will be calculated using the bid price of the week following your request. If you have a Maximum Investment Plan that matures, the maturity value will be calculated using the bid price of the week following the maturity date. As the bid price fluctuates on a weekly basis we are unable to guarantee the value of your policy.

Unit Price History - RNPFN Managed Growth Fund

The table below shows the bid prices at the end of each calendar year for the last 9 years.

Fund Price Date at end of year










Bid price










Growth % for the 12 months to the date shown










Fund Value

The Fund Value as at 31 December 2017 was £137.6m.

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