New study reveals biggest british festival mishaps

  • New research shines a light on the most common festival mishaps, with running out of phone battery, sunburn and getting stuck in the mud topping the list
  • Train strikes and petrol prices mean drivers could be in for long and expensive ever journeys to festivals this summer
  • LV= Britannia Rescue launch Festi-Goers Guide to help drivers prep their car for the festival experience

As thousands of music fans get ready to head to festivals across the UK this summer new data from LV= Britannia Rescue, one of the UK’s leading breakdown providers, reveals that running out of phone battery (73%), sunburn (61%), getting stuck in the mud (49%), a flooded tent (38%) and car trouble (20%) are the nation’s most common festival mishaps.

The survey of 2,000 British festival goers reveals car trouble is a common issue at festivals. 38% have been unable to find their car, while 1 in 10 (10%) have been stranded due to lost car keys. Meanwhile, 29% have had their wheels stuck in the mud and 15% have broken down on route.

One in five (22%) festival goers have missed their favourite act due to car issues, with 65% of those who broke down at a festival saying it ruined their whole experience. Despite the fact breakdowns can wreak havoc with festival plans, 35% say they don’t check their car before travelling. 

Over three in five (62%) festival goers are expected to travel by car this summer.  In response, LV= Britannia Rescue has released a Festi-Goers Guide to help the public avoid festival car drama this summer.

47% of Brits admit to overpacking their car for festivals, with the same percentage saying they’re guilty of playing ‘car tetras’ when it comes to trying to pack belongings. Deodorant (75%), portable phone charger (69%) and toilet roll (69%) top the list of must have items.

The research also reveals the nation sees mud as an important part of the festival experience, with 48% saying it makes it more fun, 61% seeing as it a rite of passage and 42% admitting they look to celebrities for inspiration on how to stay glam, with Lily Allen, Laura Whitmore and Cara Delevingne’s muddy festival style the most coveted.  

The average person will also walk 14 miles, get only 12 hours of sleep and take over 55 selfies. More than five hours is also spent queuing at a festival with toilets (61%), food/drink (55%), festival entrance (32%), showers (21%) and car parks (17%) topping the list of things we’re most likely to find ourselves queuing for this summer.

Research reveals today’s festivals are about more than just the music though, with festival goers saying they are also likely to take part in activities such as crafting (44%), yoga (49%) and poetry readings (23%) this summer. 

Newer festival trends prove popular with younger festival lovers, with Gen Z set to spend on average two hours more than their over 40s counterparts taking part in activities like podcast recordings and film screenings.

Data reveals 43% of parents are considering taking their family to a festival this summer, with almost a quarter (24%) saying they’d prefer a festival over a traditional family holiday.

Henry Topham, Managing Director of LV= Britannia Rescue, commented: ““With further planned train strikes and petrol prices showing still very high, many people could be looking at long and expensive journeys to festivals this summer. From breaking down on route to getting stuck in the mud, no one wants car drama to ruin their festival experience so make sure you’ve checked your car is in good working order before setting off. This includes checking your tyres, oil and water pressure and making sure you’ve got your route and potential stops worked out. Also, when you arrive make sure your car is locked and secure and most importantly remember where you’ve left it so you don’t get a nasty shock at the end of the weekend.”

LV= Britannia Rescue has over 4,000 breakdown professionals and an average response time of just 57 minutes*. For more information visit

Top Tips from LV= Britannia Rescue Festi-Goers Guide

Check your tyre pressure
Before setting off on any long journey, it’s important to check your tyres to make sure everything is in working order.  First things first, check your tyre pressure and, if needed, pump up your tyres at your local petrol station using the air machine. Set the machine to your required pressure (you can find these details in your car manual), connect the hose to your car and when it beeps, remove the hose. 

Don’t take too much stuff 
It’s easy to get carried away when packing for a festival - However, overpacking is not great for long car rides. Not only will everyone in the car be a lot more comfortable with less in the car, but you’ll also be able to see out your rear-view mirror and the car won’t feel as heavy on the motorway

Take a break whilst driving 

It sounds obvious, but make sure you’re fuelled up before you set off and plan your journey, so you know where you’re refuelling along the way. The last thing you want is to run out of fuel on the motorway - not only is it a real pain, but it can also damage your car by overheating the pump. 

What to do if your car gets stuck in the festival mud?
If the weather is forecasting rain for the weekend, you may want to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. Although packing lightly is key, if your car does get stuck, you can reduce the weight of your vehicle by asking passengers to get out and then accelerate slowly – without spinning – as this may cause you to sink deeper. Having a shovel on hand to dig your wheels out will be very useful. 

If you haven’t prepared, there are items you might already have that could help. Putting your car mats down in front of your wheels could help you gain the traction needed to get unstuck. Take care when doing this and ensure the engine is off beforehand.


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Survey of 2,000 festival goers conducted by Censuswide June 2022

*Average response time of 56.89 mins. 93% of 97,520 customers were able to complete their journey. From Agent Performance Report Sept ‘21- Feb ’22.