Surge in demand for UK staycations expected to continue as restrictions ease - are you protected?

With many people now planning summer staycations in the UK following easing of restrictions, new data from LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) highlights the importance of taking out travel insurance, even for holidays in the UK. 

Some of the most common claims on LV=GI travel insurance are for cancellations and curtailment, as well as lost or stolen baggage/money, and accidental damage or injury to people or property. 

Most common staycation travel insurance claims:

Type of claim         Average cost 

 Baggage / Money         £398

Cancellation Claims      £315 

Curtailment                   £295

Personal Liability          £177

UK holidays company has reported a 134 per cent increase in 2021 bookings, in comparison to the same point in 2019 when Brits were booking for 2020, and recent LV= GI claims examples highlight the importance of purchasing travel Insurance as soon as you book, even when travelling in the UK.1

One LV= GI policy holder, while on a photography holiday in North Devon, was taking pictures on the coast and by mistake dropped their camera and lens in the sea.  Their travel insurance covered them for £500 towards a new camera. Another policy holder needed new accommodation in the Lake District, as rising water levels and flooding meant they couldn’t get back to their original accommodation after a day trip. The subsequent travel insurance claim paid out £400.  Additionally, one customer had to cut short their four-day canal trip as the boat’s rudder was damaged – they were able to claim £488 for unused nights. 

LV= GI travel insurance customers are covered for trips of 25 miles or more when staying away from home in pre-booked accommodation for a minimum of one night. The cover includes: 

If your trip or holiday has to be cancelled because you or a travelling companion fall ill and are unable to travel. This includes falling ill with COVID-19 or being asked to isolate by a Local Authority such as NHS Track and Trace, due to potential exposure to COVID-19
£2000 worth of cover if you fall ill and you need to be transported back to a hospital local to you.

Here are some premium examples for a UK trip between 3 nights and 6 nights (max 7 days):2

For a family of four (40-year-old couple and two young children) Essential cover starts from £16.26, with Premier cover starting from £20.99

For 40-year-old couple, Essential cover starts from £14.92, with Premier cover starting from £20.99

For a 70-year-old couple, Essential cover starts from £40.66, with Premier cover starting from £51.88

Martin Milliner, Claims Director at LV= General Insurance said; “Despite common misconceptions, even if you are holidaying in the UK, it’s still important to get travel insurance, as soon as you book your trip. Some staycations can end up being as expensive as holidays abroad, particularly at the moment, so it’s important to prepare for the unexpected.  

“This could include your holiday being cancelled, your baggage being stolen, or your hotel going out of business. And if you get ill and you're too unwell to get home, your travel insurance can help pay for additional travel or accommodation costs.


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1 More information regarding the claims data available on request

2 LV= General Insurance Premiums data. Quotes based on a trip start date of 24/04/2021.