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Take cover! 25M Brits unprotected on their staycations

• Over 25m Brits could be putting themselves at risk this year by not taking out travel insurance for UK based trips(1)
• Three in five (60%) Brits admit they have never taken out travel insurance for UK based trips including weekend breaks and day trips(2) despite nearly two thirds (64%) taking UK based holidays this year(2) 
• Last year, LV= ‘staycation’ customers recouped nearly £1million for claims such as cancellations, lost or damaged personal items and medical-related issues(3)
• LV= is one of the few insurers that will provide cover for UK-based day trips and UK breaks when staying with family or friends

More than 25 million British ‘staycationers’ could be putting themselves at risk by travelling without insurance on UK based holidays this year(1), according to new research from LV=, one of the largest insurers in the UK. 

The insurer found that nearly two thirds (64%) of Brits have either been on or are planning to take a UK weekend break or day trip this year(2). However, three in five (60%), admit to never taking out travel insurance for UK based trips(2), and nearly half (48%) were unaware they are able to take out insurance policies to cover weekend breaks or even day trips in the UK(2). 

What’s more, nearly three in five (58%) of those surveyed did not believe they could claim for cancellations on UK travel policies, for example with the costs of train or flight tickets(2). Nearly two thirds of Brits (64%) also did not realise that policies can cover loss or damage to personal items or luggage(2). 

This means millions of holiday makers are potentially at risk during their summer staycations should something go wrong such as a missed train, loss or damage of personal items, or hotel cancellations.

Last year, LV= customers recouped around £878,390 in staycation claims. On average, UK travellers recovered £459 for each cancellation related claim, £260 for each loss or damage to personal belongings and £3,054 for medical assistance(3). What’s more, in the last four years alone, LV= has seen an astonishing 75% increase in claims for UK based trips(4), from cancellations and delays, through to medical emergencies and missing luggage.

Heather Smith, Managing Director of LV= Direct, said; “It’s great to see the British public making the most of the holiday destinations we have here in the UK. However, when taking out travel insurance, it’s just as important for people to be as prepared as they would be for a trip abroad. That’s why we want to make people aware that they can get cover whilst on staycation or for short breaks in the UK. LV= is one of a few insurers in the UK who will cover customers for day trips or breaks where accommodation hasn’t been pre-booked, so they can travel with the confidence that should a mishap occur, they will be covered – wherever they are staying.”  

According to LV= data, the top 10 reasons for UK travel claims are(5):
1. Cancellation
2. Personal effects/baggage
3. Medical emergency
4. Travel delay/abandonment
5. Missed departure
6. Curtailment
7. Medical assistance
8. Cruise cover
9. Airspace or Port Closure
10. Personal liability

LV= provides travel insurance for UK based holidays and is one of the few insurers that will provide cover for day trips and UK based breaks staying with family or friends. Find out more about LV=’s travel insurance policy at



Notes to editors: 

  1. LV= data found 64% of the population have taken or are planning to take a UK-based holiday this year, and 60% of people have never taken out insurance for a UK-based holiday. According to ONS data, latest UK population is 65,648,100: 64% of UK population is 42,014,784 and 60% of this is 25,208,870
  2. LV= commissioned Censuswide to speak to 1,000 members of the public aged 18+ between 8th June 2018 and 11th June 2018
  3.   Average claim  Number of claims Total paid out 
    Cancellation   £459.43  1239  £569,233.80
    Cruise  £616.11  32  £19,715.52
    Curtailment/Curtailment Assistance
     £424.13  61  £25,871.93
    Medical Assistance
     £3,053.96  50  £152,698.00
    Medical Emergency
     £297.23  81  £24,075.63
    Medical Inconvenience
     £79.75  3  £239.25
    Personal Possessions/Money
     £260.24  251  £65,320.24
    Travel Delay/Abandonment
     £279.46  76  £21,238.96
    TOTAL       £878,393.33
  4. LV= data on UK travel insurance claims from the past four years
  5. LV= data on UK travel insurance claims from the past year

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