LV= reveals January spike in accidental damage claims

Accidental damage claims spike in January as UK goes back into lockdown and home-schooling starts again

Surge in claims not seen since April and May last year LV= GI reveals

Spillages over laptops is the most common claim type, a record high of 22% 

For many of us, we’ve been home-schooling since the beginning of January and spending most of our time within our own four walls, and claims data revealed by LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) certainly reflects that. 

Accidental damage claims in January represented nearly 50 per cent (48%) of all new claims, the third highest peak seen since April (51%) and May (50%) last year, when the country was in the first national lockdown. The change in lifestyle is evident, with around 30% of all claims relating to accidental damage in pre-covid times. 

Additionally, in January, accidental damage claims where spillage was the cause reached a record high of 22%. Within this figure, more than two in five (44%) accidental damage claims related to computer and office equipment – the highest peak since April last year when it reached 46%. In pre-covid times, around 30% of all spillage claims accounted for this type of equipment.

Martin Milliner, Claims Director at LV= GI said; “With most of the country working from home and children being home-schooled, accidental damage to computers, laptops, and other technology equipment is inevitable. From our data, we can see that many of us are making a drink, putting it to the side of our technology while we work and home-school, and accidentally knocking it over. 
“Accidental damage insurance is there for you when these incidents happen. It’s always worth checking the limit of your accidental damage policy, especially at the moment if the whole family is spending more time at home.” 

Tips to avoid accidents at home: 

Avoiding spills: Refrain from placing drinks on a table that has a runner or table cloth hanging over that a child may pull on the fabric, causing a spill.  

Secure rugs: To prevent rugs from moving around and causing slips, secure them with non-skid pads or purchase rugs with slip-resistant backings. Another alternative is to use double-sided carpet tape to keep the rug in place.

Stair safety: To best avoid falls make sure your handrail runs the full length of the staircase, carpets are secure, and don’t put area rugs or mats at the base or top of the stairs. 

Dropped phone into water: If your phone does end up in water try removing the case, SIM, and (if you can) the battery. Use a cloth (not tissue) to dab away the water you can see. Then place everything in a bowl of uncooked rice for at least 12 hours to soak up any moisture that’s left. After that, place one finger over the other and hope for the best. 

Tackling carpet stains: Speed is of the essence to tackle stains, so act fast. Use a white cloth or paper towel to blot (never rub) the area and then pour cold water onto the stain to dilute it. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with two cups of warm water. Sponge the stain with this solution, blotting as you go.


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1 LV= General Insurance Accidental Damage claims data from January 2020 - January 2021.