Half of brits take the opportunity to staycation somewhere new this summer

  • 25 million (48%) UK adults are planning a UK holiday this summer
  • UK adults will drive 310 miles getting to and from staycations
  • LV= Britannia Rescue provides top tips to help ensure your car is ready for long journeys this summer

With lockdown restrictions further easing from this weekend, half (52%) of British holidaymakers will take the opportunity to have a staycation this summer somewhere they’ve never been before, according to new research from LV= Britannia Rescue(1).

As many as 25 million (48%) UK adults are getting ready to holiday in the UK this summer, with the average person expected to cover 310 miles on roads getting to and from staycations. With this in mind, LV= Britannia Rescue provides hints and tips to help rel="noopener noreferrer" motorists ensure their cars are ready for longer journeys.

Summering in the UK

For many, summer holidays will look very different to what was originally planned, with the majority (87%) of people cancelling or postponing trips they had planned abroad as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, many have instead already planned UK-based holidays, with the most popular destinations a seaside holiday (14%), followed by day trips (14%) and trips to the countryside (12%).

For half (52%) of those with UK-holiday plans, this is the first time ever that they will have been to the place they have planned, with up to two-fifths (40%) having only been there once before. Even though UK hotels are only reopening this weekend, UK holidaymakers aren’t put off, with one in four (25%) people choosing a hotel for their staycation.

   Most popular types of accommodation(2) 
 Holiday cottage e.g. Airbnb (36%)
2  Campervan / caravan (28%)
3  Bed and breakfast (25%)  
 Chain hotel (25%) 
 Luxury spa hotel (22%) 


Checking your car

The average holidaymaker will drive 310 miles getting to and from their staycations over the summer months, the most popular mode of travel by far (77%). Travelling by train comes in second, but only a sixth (16%) say they are opting for this mode of transport.

Some drivers are nervous about getting back into their cars after an extended period off the roads, with a fifth (18%) saying they don’t feel as confident driving long distances since the lockdown. 

Of drivers that have UK holidays planned, a third (32%) plan to get their car checked and serviced at a garage beforehand, while 38% say they’ll check their car over themselves. The majority (89%) of drivers with UK-based holiday plans have breakdown cover, although a fifth (22%) don’t think or know if it covers them on a UK holiday. 

Heather Smith, Managing Director of LV= GI Direct, comments: “For many people this summer means a staycation. It’s a different type of holiday and with that comes different considerations before you travel, so while there’s less concern about your passport being in date, you do need to think more about the condition of your car if you plan to drive. 

“Before you hit the road or go on any long journey, it’s important to check your car is still roadworthy. You can either do this yourself, if you’re comfortable doing so, or have it done by a mechanic. 

“There’s also nothing worse than having your trip ruined by a breakdown, so having cover will ensure you can get help if for any reason your car experiences an issue.”

From a travel insurance perspective, customers rel="noopener noreferrer" with an existing LV= GI travel insurance policy are also covered for day trips of more than 25 miles from home, and UK based breaks where accommodation has been pre-booked.

LV= Britannia Rescue’s checklist for a long trip:

  1. If it’s rel="noopener noreferrer" a while since you’ve rel="noopener noreferrer" driven your car, check your car battery hasn’t run down. Do this at least a week before you use your car so you can replace it or get it checked at a garage if there is an issue. 
  2. Check your tyre pressure and the condition of your tyres before you start driving. Don't forget about your spare tyre. Watch out for cuts, grooves and serious wear and make sure your tread is within legal limits. If your tyre pressure is correct, it's safer and you'll get better miles per gallon.
  3. Check your oil levels by using a dipstick and top up your motor oil if it’s looking low - this is especially important if you are setting off on a long journey. You should check your oil levels regularly and if you're having to top up your oil more often than usual, take your car to the garage to get it checked.
  4. Check your lights are all working - you could get pulled over by police if you’ve got a brake light out. Check indicators, reverse lights, brake lights and fog lights and look out for blown bulbs and cracks or dirt on the lenses. To be sure you’re never caught out, keep a spare bulb in your car
  5. By law, your screen wash must work at all times. Keep it regularly topped up with a good screen wash solution – one that clears dirt from your windscreen and prevents the water from freezing during winter.
  6. Depending on how far you are travelling, keep the following essentials in your car in case you have an accident or breakdown: 
  • Wheel changing equipment, such as a jack and locking wheel nut
  • Warning triangle
  • Basic tool kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Torch
  • First aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Plastic rain poncho
  • High Vis jacket
  • Water
  • Phone charger

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Notes to editors

(1)Research commissioned to Opinium research by LV= General Insurance on 2,001 UK adults, 19th– 22nd June 2020

(2)Respondents could choose multiple options

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