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Wherever you live, we have different types of home insurance cover options to suit you..

Buildings insurance

Looking for just buildings insurance? We've got you covered. You can get a buildings only policy with us, and you can tailor it to suit you.

Contents insurance

Living in a flat? No worries, we can cover just your contents, plus you can tailor your cover with some great optional extras.

Tenants insurance

Living in rented accommodation? It's time to think about contents cover. Our tenants insurance covers your clothes, keys and prized possessions.

Landlord insurance

Are you a landlord? We can help you there! So, whether you rent out a single residence or have a full property portfolio, we have you covered.

Choose between our Essentials, Home and Home Plus policies

Essentials Home Insurance

Looking for home insurance to cover the basics?

  • £500,000 buildings cover to rebuild your home
  • £25,000 towards alternative accommodation if repairs to your home following a claim mean you can't stay there
  • £25k - £50k home contents cover
  • Optional full accidental damage cover
  • Optional personal belongings cover away from home
  • Optional bicycles cover away from home

Home Insurance

Or are you searching for a policy you can tailor to suit you?

  • £1million buildings cover to rebuild your house
  • £50,000 towards alternative accommodation if repairs to your home following a claim mean you can’t stay there
  • £25k-£100k home contents cover
  • Optional full accidental damage cover
  • Optional personal belongings cover away from home
  • Optional bicycles cover away from home

Home Plus Insurance

Maybe you're looking for a home policy that gives you even more?

  • Unlimited buildings cover to rebuild your home 
  • £100,000 towards alternative accommodation if repairs to your home following a claim mean you can’t stay there
  • Up to £150k contents cover 
  • Full accidental damage cover
  • Personal belongings cover away from home
  • Bicycles cover away from home

Compare our Essentials, Home and Home Plus policies

Just select the level of cover when you get your quote – here's how they compare:

What we'll cover Essentials  Home Home Plus
The cost to rebuild your home £500,000 £1 million Unlimited
Alternative accommodation if repairs to your home following a claim mean you can't stay there £25,000 £50,000 £100,000
Trace and access if there's a leak in your property No cover £5,000 £10,000
12-month warranty on all repairs when you use our recommended repairer service Included Included Included
Accidental damage cover in case fixtures and fittings like your windows, toilets or baths get damaged Optional
Included Included
Full accidental damage for buildings Optional Optional Included
Personal belongings away from home Optional Optional Included
Bicycles away from home Optional Optional Included
Locks and keys replacement £750 Included Included
Contents of your home £25k - £50k £25k - £100k Up to £150k
Accidental damage cover for your TVs, DVD players, games consoles and computers Optional
Included Included
Full accidental damage cover for contents Optional Optional Included
Plants in the garden No cover £2,500 £10,000 
Digital downloads cover if you need to replace your online music, movie and book collection Included Included Included
Business equipment - including if you work from home £5,000 £15,000 Included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home insurance and why do I need it?

Making sure you have the right cover, can help you save money on your home insurance

A home is usually the most expensive thing we’ll ever buy. And the things we have in them can be very important to us, too. While home insurance isn’t a legal requirement, it's something the vast majority of homeowners wouldn’t do without. After all, there’s no place quite like home.

What's the difference between contents and buildings insurance?

Home insurance usually covers two aspects of your property – the structure itself (known as buildings insurance) and the things in it (known as contents insurance). 

A good way to remember the difference is to think about this scenario: if you were to tip your house upside down, anything that hits the ceiling would be classed as contents. Furniture, jewellery, electronics, furnishings and everything in between. When it comes to insuring your contents, it’s best to have a good idea of how much everything is worth before you start your quote. To do this, just head to our contents calculator to work out what’s what.

As for everything else – structural walls, floors, roofing, fitted units and so on – these elements would come under buildings cover. 

Is there any benefit to buying a combined buildings and contents policy?

Some things work better together, and having both buildings and contents cover with one insurer can make life so much easier. Having both products with us means that if you need to claim, you only have to deal with one company which can speed up the process, plus there’s only one excess to pay. After all, there's no need to make things more complicated.

What sort of home insurance policy is right for me? 

We offer three different levels of home insurance – Essentials, Home and Home Plus. 

Our Essentials and Home policy provides plenty of cover for all the important things. Including contents, lock replacement, plants in the garden, as well as limited costs towards rebuilding your home if it’s beyond repair after a major incident, such as a fire or flood. There is also the option to purchase cover for full accidental damage and items away from the home.

Home Plus is designed to give you added peace of mind, and covers all of the above to a greater extent. It includes unlimited cover to rebuild your home, £100,000 towards alternative accommodation if you’re unable to stay at home after an incident, and up to £150,000 worth of contents cover. You get full accidental damage cover on buildings and contents as standard and personal possessions cover up to £15,000.

What factors affect our home insurance quote prices?

Sometimes the cheapest home insurance isn’t the right home insurance. Lots of things can influence the price you pay, here’s what we look at:

There are eight main factors that affect the home insurance price we're able to give you:

  • The building materials of your home. The way your property has been built and the materials used can impact your premium
  • Where you live. Typically, if your home is in an area which is prone to flooding, you may be more likely to make a claim
  • Your home security. Security features on your property might mean your home insurance costs less
  • The type of building you live in. The more rooms and bedrooms in your property, the higher the cost will be to re-build your home or replace your belongings
  • Government initiatives. Changes introduced by the government can sometimes have an effect on your home insurance price. For example, the Flood Re scheme, introduced in 2016, is designed to help people living in flood-risk areas.
  • The costs of repair and labour. It’s getting more expensive to fix hi-tech items, which can increase the cost of home insurance.
  • The number of claims being made. If the number goes up, due to things like extreme weather events, this could mean the costs to insure your home could go up.
  • Severe weather. We assess the likelihood of severe weather conditions happening in the future and how many of our customers may be affected.


How much is home insurance?

To find out more about these factors, read our guide to how we work out the cost of home insurance.


What do you need to get a home insurance quote?

Here's what you need for a quick quote:


Here’s a summary of the information you’ll need to provide to make getting a home insurance quote as quick and easy as possible:

  • Personal information. We’ll need your personal details and details of any claims you or anyone living with you have made on home insurance in the last five years
  • Sum insured. Your contents need to be insured for the amount that it would cost to replace them as new. Try our handy home contents insurance calculator to help work this out
  • Property details. We'll need to know details like the year the property was built, the type of locks you have and the material that your walls and roof of your property are made of and if it has ever suffered from flooding
  • Your belongings. You’ll need to tell us about your belongings and this should include all of your contents plus valuables, bicycles and personal possessions including any individual items such as jewellery and watches worth more than £2,000


For a complete list of what is needed and why, visit our guide to what you need to get a home insurance quote.

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