What to pack for university  

A list of the less obvious essentials 

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Pots, pans and pens, sure, but what are the unsung essentials for every fresher? Here's our checklist for every student (and the parents packing for them). 

  • Graduates share the lesser-known university essentials
  • How to tackle late nights, loud dorms and cold colleges
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Forgetting something? Our handy checklist has all the uni essentials.

Home away from home

Homesickness is common for new students, especially if it’s their first time living away from home. Packing a few creature comforts can help reduce those late night calls from melancholy kids missing home – unless the calls are welcome, of course!

What else?

  • Kettle and mini fridge – when the kitchen is too busy and dissertation submission hour is looming
  • Radiator clothes drier – because student rooms can be cold and mouldy clothes aren’t cool
  • Beanbag – lighter than an armchair and easier to pack away, a beanbag could be an alternative comfy seat for tired students
  • Laundry basket – keep the ever-growing stack of laundry confined to a single space

Study boosters and midnight snacks

Come prepared for irregular meal times and urgent hunger pangs. A supply of healthy snacks can help students stay alert during study and lectures.

What else?

  • A kitchen knife – if there's access to a kitchen, a good, sharp kitchen knife is essential
  • Water filtration bottles – fill water up from anywhere with these handy, easy-to-clean water bottles

Swotting up with study necessities

Although we don't always like to admit it, university's main purpose is to study for a degree. With these must-haves, the undergrad in the family can make the most of their cramming sessions.

What else?

  • Savvy smartphone apps – voice memos for sleepy lectures, Pages for on-the-go moments of essay genius, list and productivity apps

Keeping clean and cosy on campus

Hopefully, your son or daughter's dorm room is warm and relatively clean, but little can be done to control the temperature on campus, so come prepared.

Freshers’ Week essentials

The first week of university is often the most daunting. Thankfully (or not, depending on your perspective), some wise heads at UK universities decided the best way to get everyone settled was by throwing a week of parties.

What else?

  • Earring holder – pairs tend to vanish when friends live together
  • Fancy dress and face paint – because costumes are inevitable…
  • Ear plugs – there may be some nights when it’s best to stay in and sleep… maybe?

Share the ultimate packing checklist with young scholars and they'll be protected against the cold, any dissertation-related crises and last-minute costume conundrums. Just make sure it's all covered by your current home insurance before they head off for Freshers' Week.


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