Insurance FAQs

What is my account and what can I do in it?

Your account is where you can view and download your policy documents, view your saved car, home or landlord quotes, and even change the car on your policy. You can also log a home claim online through your account. You’ll need to log in or register for an online account.

How do I register for a home insurance account?

If you don’t already have your account login, you can register for one using our online form.

Can I see saved home insurance quotes in my account?

Yes. You'll be able to view your last saved quote for home, landlord or car policies. If you've saved multiple quotes for any one of these, you'll only see the last one created.

Which products can I access in my account?

At the moment, you can access car and multi car, home, home plus, essentials and landlord.  You won’t be able to see: travel, pet or breakdown… but we’re working on bringing you these in the future.

Just log in or register for an online account plus download the Alexa Skill or Google Action to make fact-finding easier.

What do I need to log in to my home insurance account?

It couldn't be simpler. You just need your email address and the password you chose when you registered.

You can access your account anytime from our login page. If you don’t have an account, you can register for one using our online form.