Wedding Bells: How to have a stress-free and smooth wedding experience

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Planning a wedding? Exciting times! Your home is probably full of favours, decorations and bridal party outfits… but is it all covered by your home insurance? Well, that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you get hitched without a hitch…

  • LV= provides additional cover for special events at no extra cost 
  • Make sure you’re covered on your hen or stag-do to avoid any unexpected costs 
  • Get extra cover on your engagement ring in case disaster strikes

Pop the champagne, you’re engaged! 

So, spreadsheets at the ready because it’s time to start the mammoth task of planning your perfect wedding. It may seem pretty overwhelming but luckily for you, we’re here to help, especially when it comes to the things you might forget about - like insurance.  Whether you’re getting married in the UK or abroad, getting a custom-made dress or not, we have the ultimate guide to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. 

Do you need wedding insurance?

First things first, do you actually need wedding insurance, or is it just another cost to add to the never-ending list? 

Well, with the average wedding costing £30,000, it’s definitely a good idea to insure your wedding. That’s because when it comes to weddings, there are so many moving parts, you can never be too careful. Plus, if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and always be prepared.

Did you know? At LV=, we actually provide additional contents cover for special events such as weddings and religious holidays at no extra cost. So, we can increase the amount of cover on your contents insurance by 10% for one month before and after your wedding to cover all your wedding bits and bobs, plus any gifts, too – meaning you can rest assured that you’re covered should the worst happen.

It’s important to note that insurance won’t cover you if you cancel due to getting cold feet…!

Wedding Bells: How to have a stress-free and smooth wedding experience

Do you need hen-do Insurance?

Everyone deserves a big night (or nights) out before the big day, and with 33% of hens and 51% of stags choosing to go abroad for their last hurrah, there are a few things you might want to consider to make your trip as stress-free as possible.

Having adequate travel insurance is the number one thing you can do to minimise any travel-related stress. If you get to the airport and your flight is cancelled, with LV= travel insurance you’ll be able to claim back any money you lose on hotels as a result of the cancellation. So, although it may not end up being the hen or stag do you expected - at least you’ll get your money back… so you can plan it again post-wedding!

Do you need to insure your engagement ring?

The last thing you want to happen after getting down on one knee is for the engagement ring to get stolen or go missing. You want to be able to show it off to all your friends and family, and plaster the good news all over social media, which is difficult to do if you haven’t got your ring!

It may not be the first thing you think about when planning to propose, but it goes without saying, the sooner you get the ring covered by your insurance, the better. Just in case you’re wondering, wedding rings are often covered by your content insurance, but you may need to add it as a specified item on your personal possessions cover. Our contents insurance policies have a limit of £2,000 per item (the limit is £5,000 if you have a Home Plus policy), so any item worth more than this must be specified on your policy for it to be covered at home as well as out and about. 

Did you know? The average cost of an engagement ring in the UK is £1,865! So, although it may not be a romantic conversation to have, it’s worth knowing the value of your engagement ring to make sure you’ve got the right cover JUST in case it goes missing!

You’ve said yes to the dress, now what?

Just like your engagement ring, your wedding dress will usually be covered under your contents insurance, but this depends on the cost of your dress. If you’re splurging on a custom-made or designer gown, you might want to take out additional insurance on it to make sure it is covered. As with your ring, if your dress is worth more than the limit for individual items on your contents insurance policy, you’ll need to let us know about it so we can make sure you’ve got the right level of cover.

If you’re having your dress made for you, you could think about having specific wedding insurance in case your designer goes out of business or doesn’t deliver the amazing gown you envisioned. Of course, no one plans for these things to happen but you may want to think about taking out specialist insurance just in case disaster strikes!


Morgan, 29 from London, struggled to find the perfect wedding dress for her big day, so she decided to go bespoke. She found the perfect designer, who had a style she loved, and from their initial meetings, she was filled with confidence in the bespoke process. However, it quickly turned into a dress nightmare as the designer failed to show up for two fitting appointments and three months before the wedding, she called to tell her that the dress she had chosen couldn’t be made. 

With few options available, Morgan was forced to change her design. And although she does now have a wedding dress for her big day - it’s not the perfect dress she envisioned. 

What Morgan said: “I wish I had taken out insurance ahead of this journey, the dress is one of the biggest stand-alone costs of our entire wedding and ultimately I have been left feeling backed into a corner and having to wear a dress that I am not 100% on as I had no insurance policy. If I could do it over, I’d 100% look at insurance and urge any brides to be to make sure they’re covered just in case!”

Wedding gifts

You’ve said I do and are now spending a blissful morning opening all the gifts your generous guests have given you. You’ve been given the perfect dinner set and the coffee machine you’ve been pining after, the last thing on your mind the day after your wedding is your home insurance.

However, with the average wedding day guest spending £50 - £100, and the number of guests invited to a UK wedding averaging 81 in 2022 by our calculations you could be sitting on around £4,050 - £8,100 worth of gifts.

Whilst LV= does increase the amount of cover on your contents insurance for one month before and after your wedding, you may want to look into covering any high-value items you have received on a long-term basis and permanently updating your policy.

What about the honeymoon? 

The big day is over and you’re all set to jet off on the holiday of a lifetime. It’s time to make sure you’ve got a good travel insurance policy in place. That’s where we come in!

And, don’t forget to insure your brand-new wedding rings while you’re away, too! Losing your ring can’t make for a relaxing start to your honeymoon but if it’s insured, it may help to ease some of the stress.

Top Tip: Keep receipts and sales documents at home when you’re away, just in case you need proof of purchase for your insurance company. 


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