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Insuring your shed and its contents

Whatever you store in your shed, make sure it's properly insured.

Two children fixing an upturned bicycle in front of a shed

Often overlooked when it comes to valuing your contents for home insurance, the items in your shed can add up to thousands. Read our quick guide to shed insurance to make sure you've got it all covered.

Do the maths. What's in your shed?

Inspired by George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, many of us have taken another look at our humble garden shed. From man caves to workshops, outdoor offices to garden rooms, the shed has come a long way.

It may still be a place to store tools, the lawnmower and the kid's bicycles, but it can also be so much more.

Sheds have become home spas complete with gym and hot tub, music rooms to encourage the next generation of hit makers, or simply places to unwind with a good book and a gin and tonic.

Either way, it's quite likely that your shed is full of expensive, but portable items and therefore a magnet for thieves. So how can you keep your shed secure and stop thieves from ruining your bit of paradise?

It may still be a place to store tools, the lawnmower and the kid's bicycles, but it can also be so much more.

Keeping your shed secure

  • Lock the door with a heavy-duty padlock that's difficult to break off
  • Fix padlocks top and bottom
  • Secure windows with locks or nail shut
  • Obscure the glass in the windows so the contents can't be seen from outside
  • Keep tools and other valuables in a lockable box that's bolted to the floor
  • Padlock bikes and mowers together
  • Keep very valuable items in the house not the shed
  • Keep your shed in good condition so it's harder for thieves to break in
  • Fit an alarm

Check your home insurance

Buildings and contents insurance will cover you for garages and domestic outbuildings as well as the house itself. This cover includes your shed, as it's defined as a domestic outbuilding.

Buildings insurance for sheds

Buildings insurance covers you against fire, flood and theft. It means that if a fire destroys the structure of your shed, the insurance will pay to get it rebuilt. And if thieves smashed a window to get access to your shed, the insurance covers the cost of the repair.

But buildings insurance won't pay for the damage done to the goods in your shed. For that you need to have home contents insurance.

Contents insurance for sheds

This insurance will pay out for loss or damage to the things in your shed as a result of fire, theft and flood. You may also be covered for accidental damage to some items, depending on the type of policy you have.

This means that if your outdoor office was flooded and computer equipment ruined or thieves stole bicycles from your locked shed, then your contents insurance should pay for replacements.

The amount this type of insurance pays out depends on the limits you have on your policy. With LV= Contents Insurance there is a limit to the total amount paid out in one claim and a limit to the amount paid out for any single item.

At LV= we'll cover the items in your shed up to the contents limit you've chosen.

If you keep anything in your shed that's worth more than the maximum single item limit, you need to let us know so we can add it as a separate item on your policy. That way you'll know it's covered if it got damaged or stolen.

Remember to include all the items in your shed when you value your home contents:

  • Tools and gardening equipment
  • Bicycles and sports equipment
  • Soft furnishings and garden furniture
  • Desk, computer, printer
  • Hot tub and gym equipment
  • Greenhouse and plants

Allotment sheds

Your home insurance may not cover items stolen from an allotment shed. This is because the shed isn't on the same plot as your home.

You may be covered for theft or damage to tools though if you have personal belongings insurance, as this covers items away from the home. Check with your insurance provider to see what equipment will be covered.

If your home insurance policy won't cover your tools, you can often take out insurance through your allotment society.

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