How to create a beautiful garden in a tiny space

Apartment dweller? You can still indulge your green thumb 

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Small spaces needn't be short on greenery. From balcony boxes to kitchen herbs, you can give your green thumb a workout without a sprawling garden plot.

Stumped on what to grow? Fragrant plants like geraniums, Arabian jasmine and orange jessamine thrive indoors.

  • Bring the outside in and add colour to your home
  • Balcony railings can be used as support for vine plants
  • Hanging baskets and windowsill plants are great indoor gardening ideas

Spruce up your space with potted colour

For many of us, especially millennials, gardens can boost our mental wellbeing. But if you live in a flat, apartment or a space without a garden, you needn't miss out on the joys of gardening. With a little innovation, you can get the most out of your space, and brighten it up by bringing the outdoors in.


Balcony boxes, planters and hanging baskets

If you have a patio or large balcony, make the most of the available space, adding colour and warmth. Tubs, pots, wooden wine crates and even delivery pallets can be decorated and used for growing plants and flowers. Plus, balcony railings offer support for vine plants like tomatoes or beans.

Your pots and trellises need to get enough natural light and complement the space, not overtake or smother it. And if your balcony is sheltered from rain, you’ll need to water your plants more than if they were in a garden. 

Hanging baskets are another wonderful way to make a balcony look beautiful and colourful, and they're easy to make yourself.  Don't know where to start? Check out these easy guides to creating a hanging basket

Kitchen windowsills

Your kitchen is a great place for housing plants and herbs, especially if the windowsill gets a few hours of natural light each day.

Here, you can get creative: herbs grow well in almost any container. You could use jam jars, small boxes or mini plant pots to grow your kitchen herbs and indoor plants. 

The easiest herbs to grow in your kitchen are thyme, rosemary and sage - not only will they add a hit of green to your space, but you can hand pick them for cooking.  

Growing air plants is also popular. They're fairly effortless - as long as they have natural air flow, you can grow them in anything!

No matter the type of container you decide to use, remember to wash it out properly, making sure there’s no soap remaining - suds can irritate your plants. 

The front door

It’s easy to forget about the door, but you can make the entrance of your home look warm and inviting by decorating the area around it. 

You could use a couple of hanging baskets or vertical trellises placed either side of the door frame, or try some planters along the pathway to highlight the front of your home.

Because first impressions last, making the entrance to your home look fantastic can boost your mood: it’s the last thing you’ll see on your way out, and the first when you get home.

If you have hanging baskets, it's best to water them in the morning, rather than the evening, so your plants aren't sitting in water when the temps drop overnight. And remember to rotate the basket regularly making sure all sides receive light. Happy gardening! 

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