Insurance FAQs

I have a LV= Home Insurance policy. Am I covered for damage caused by water leaking?

Yes, you are covered for damage caused by a water leak.

LV= buildings insurance covers damage caused to your home by water leaking from any fixed tank, appliance or pipe. For Home we'll also pay up to £5,000 or £10,000 on Home Plus (no cover is provided on Essentials) for the cost of removing and replacing any part of the structure of your home to find the source of a water leak so repairs can be carried out.

Your belongings are covered too. LV= contents insurance covers damage caused to your personal items, such as sofas and carpets, by a leak from a fixed tank, appliance or pipe.

You can find full details of what's covered in your policy documents.


If you can't find your LV= insurance documents:

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