Our guide to getting started with home insurance 

What's covered and what's not? 

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Everything you need to know about getting started with home insurance from LV=. 

So, what isn't covered by home insurance?

Wear and tear 

It may come as a surprise, but LV= home insurance doesn't cover wear and tear. In fact, wear and tear is excluded by most insurers.

Wear and tear is the bumps, scuffs and breakdowns that happen to your home and belongings over time.

For example, if your washing machine starts to make a funny rattle when it's on the spin cycle, or if your carpet in the hallway has become worn and threadbare from years of tired feet coming through the door, you won't be able to claim for a new one.

There are things you can do to prevent wear and tear from becoming a bigger problem by checking your home regularly. 

Loss in the home 

When your other half cooks, it's only fair that you do the washing up. After scrubbing the last pan, you realise your engagement ring is missing and you're pretty sure there's only one place it could've gone - down the plug hole.

Many people assume your home insurance will cover you as standard if you lose something in the home. In fact, you're only covered if you add additional cover. This is because technically you can't lose something in the home - it's there, you just can't find it!

LV= only covers loss in the home if you've taken out optional personal belongings cover, so consider adding this to your policy if covering loss in the home is important to you.


No one likes an uninvited guest, especially when those guests are mice, rats or creepy crawlies. It's also not unheard of for squirrels and even birds to make their way into a home. In the panic of trying to escape, these pests can ruin carpets, chew furniture and cause all manner of chaos - but is this covered?

In short yes - but only if you have full accidental damage cover.

Our Home Emergency cover will also help remove pests from your home. So if you see Speedy Gonzales zip across your kitchen floor, we can be there to help remove him.

Getting a quote

The way we live and what we own is constantly changing, so it's important that as a homeowner, you're aware of what you're buying and what cover you have in place.

Here are some examples of things you need to tell your insurer about:

  • If you need to increase your level of cover
  •  A decision to change the use of your home, for example renting it out or using it to run a business
  • If and when you're planning to have building work done
  • Your home being unoccupied if it's for more than 60 days
  • A valuable worth over £2000 (£5000 for Home Plus) that you buy or inherit
  • If you're moving house

Buying our home insurance is simple and speedy. So, let's get started

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