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Three ways to insure your gadgets

Make sure your gadgets are insured inside and outside your home

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Take a look around your home. Can you see a computer or laptop, a mobile phone, a games console? Chances are you're reading this on a tablet. And do you have a GPS tracker when you're out running?

Gadgets: useful and technically frustrating in equal measure.

But one thing's for sure - they're not cheap. With top-end laptops costing £2,000+ and smartphones running into the hundreds of pounds, replacing these items when they get stolen, lost or accidentally damaged can really hurt your wallet.

So how can you make sure your gadgets are insured wherever you go?

Gadget insurance away from home

As the name implies, home contents insurance covers your gadgets when you're at home. But half the gadgets we have are designed to be portable, so we take them out of the home.

In insurance terms, this opens up a whole new level of risk. Therefore, you might consider taking out additional insurance if you want to insure your gadgets away from home.

This type of insurance is often known as personal possessions insurance or personal belongings insurance.

It covers you against loss or damage to your laptop, smartphone, smart watch or tablet while you're out and about. You may even be covered when you're in another country. Handy for holidays or work travel.

Again, you'll need to check if there are any limits on the amount paid out for each individual item.

Home contents insurance covers your gadgets when you're at home, but half the gadgets we have are designed to be portable.

Specialist gadget insurance

You may not need separate gadget insurance if you have a comprehensive home contents policy. But specialist insurance has a couple of advantages over home insurance:

  • There may not be a limit on a payout for each item
  • You may be able to claim for downloaded music, games and films
  • An emergency replacement may be part of the deal
  • You may not need to pay an excess

So if you have a few gadgets that you take out of the house that you simply can't be without for any length of time, it may be worth considering separate gadget insurance.

Insuring your gadgets with accidental cover and personal possessions cover through your home insurance can be more affordable.

What LV= offers

  • Accidental cover for laptops, games consoles and tablets
  • £1,000 cover for music and film downloads
  • New for old replacement cover
  • Optional personal possessions cover for gadgets away from home

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