Insurance FAQs

Does LV= offer extra support for customers with disabilities?

There are a number of things we do to help our customers who need extra support when they get in touch. This includes offering different options for how to receive information:

Text Relay
Text Relay is a way of helping customers who are hard of hearing, deaf or have speech impairments. When communicating on the phone, a call centre assistant relays what’s being said, or typed, by providing a text-to-voice and voice-to-text translation.

Large Print
Large Print helps customers who have difficulty seeing smaller text. Just as the name suggests, it makes sure people can read the documents we send them.

Customers who are blind or partially sighted can choose to receive braille documents. Braille is a system of writing that uses raised dots or bumps to represent numbers and letters so people can read through touch.

Instead of receiving information on paper, you can listen to it. So customers who are hard of sight or blind can hear what’s written in our documents.

To use Text Relay when you get in touch with us, first dial 18001 followed by our phone number.  An operator will read out what you’re typing to us, word for word, and type back what we’re saying to you so we can have a conversation. A big thank you to the RNID (Royal National Institute for Deaf People) for providing this service.

If you’d like us to leave a note on your policy to help us support you on future calls, just let us know.


Can I add someone to act on my behalf to make decisions and manage my policy for me?

Yes. Policyholders can choose to add someone on their policy as a ‘delegated agent’. This gives them the authority to act on the policyholder’s behalf.

Only the policyholder can request this and the delegated agent can do everything from handling claims to making any changes to the policy, including cancellation, monthly payments and a change of address.