What type of Christmas shopper are you?

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The festive season is right around the corner, and for some of us, that means good food, mulled drinks, sparkly decorations and last but not least… presents!

But not all shoppers are created equal. So, whether you’re an early, organised shopper or you like to wait until the last minute, this article will help you find out more about what your shopping habits mean for you and for your insurance behaviour.

Different types of Christmas Shoppers 

Research has shown that there are five main types of Christmas shoppers, these are: early birds, last minute, green friendly, online obsessed and in-store roamers. So, want to find out which one you are? Read on.

Early Birds

If you’re a planner and love to make lists, then you’re an early bird. If you find yourself making lists of the presents to buy per person, and love to tick things off as you complete, then starting your shopping early is a no brainer. 

When it comes to early birds, you might be one of those that likes to space out your shopping and buy one gift a time or maybe you like to plan a whole day which is dedicated to shopping for the festive season. 

If you’re this type of shopper you’ll have presents wrapped and ready to go much earlier than the night before Christmas. And if you’re an early bird shopper, you’re not alone - most brits fall into this category with 44% of us most likely to have finished Christmas shopping before the end of November.

Insurance behaviour: If you recognise yourself in this description then you probably tend to be well organised in all aspects of your life. You like to plan ahead and probably already own contents, home and life insurance. Better safe than sorry!

Last Minute Shoppers 

If you like to wait until the very last minute before buying presents (aka Christmas Eve), then you fit perfectly into the last-minute shoppers’ category. We can assume lists or plans for your Christmas shopping are probably non-existent meaning the presents bought, are left to chance and the last pick from the shelves.

To early birds this might sound shocking, but sometimes the best presents really are the ones that are more spontaneous, and there is no right or wrong way of doing your Christmas shopping. The important thing is that the present comes, after all what's that saying….? Better late than never! Surprisingly, research has found that those planning to leave their shopping to the last minute has nearly doubled from 4% in 2020 to 7% this year

Insurance behaviour: If you're a last-minute shopper you most likely enjoy living life on the edge, plans are not on your mind as you prefer to live life as it comes and spontaneity is your second nature. If you tend to buy your Christmas shopping last minute, the chances are you do the same with insurance. Whether it be travel insurance for that spontaneous 1 night away or your latest gadget purchase, but waiting until when it's needed means you might not bag the best deal or be covered.

Green Friendly shoppers 

Green Friendly shoppers are those that have the environment at heart and front of mind, so if you prefer to buy presents with better sustainability credentials then you and 27% other Brits fit in this category. Whether you like to shop early or not, your main priority is making sure that your presents are environmentally conscious. 

You're definitely a thoughtful gift giver and like to find meaningful gifts for others. The number of green friendly shoppers increases every year, with more talk around green alternatives being made more relevant. This year 4 in 10 customers want to be climate conscious, and 1 in 10 say that buying green-friendly products is their biggest gift-shopping priority. But Being green friendly does not stop with the purchase of presents with 15% also committed to buying sustainable decorations for the holidays

Let’s hope that in the future everyone can take you as an example and be more of a green friendly shopper. If you’re part of this category or would like to become more green friendly, you should check out our tips to ensure you can have the most eco-friendly Christmas.

Insurance behaviour: You love to do your part in keeping the environment clean, so it’s very likely that you own an electric car, as they’re sustainable and green friendly like yourself! Check out our website to find the best quotes for your car insurance. 

Online obsessed

If you’ve got a mobile phone in hand all the time and receive weekly or daily packages through the door, then the chances are you’re one of the online obsessed shoppers. During Christmas you like to order everything online, whether it be on Asos, Amazon or a specific retailer's website. You prefer opting for next day delivery or click and collect rather than roaming the shops, especially this time of the year, when shops tend to be very busy.

You most likely have a lot on your plate and don't necessarily have the time to go shopping in the stores. Last year around 55% of Brits said online shopping is their go to choice. This is no surprise at all, as in the last few years especially after the pandemic more and more people decided to opt for delivery instead of shopping in stores, as we got accustomed to it.

Insurance behaviour: You live on the internet and probably love to research and find good deals. You’ve definitely thought of getting insurance but might not have one yet, so to help you check out our website to find the best quote for you.

In-store roamers

Lastly, if you like to browse around shops, in your local area, the high street or shopping centres and pick up your presents  in person, then you’re part of the in-store roamers category. 

You love walking around shops during Christmas time, enjoy looking at the beautiful decorations and lights, and take your time shopping and stopping when needed for a festive coffee or hot chocolate. It’s not a surprise that 41% of Brits chose to shop in-store as their preferred shopping methods, even with all the technology and online delivery that’s available, going to stores can be a big part of the festivities. 

If you’re an in-store roamer you probably like to keep with the traditions and it goes without saying that you love Christmas. However, you might end up spending more, as shopping in store is very tempting.

Insurance behaviour: Whilst you might get tempted to buy loads of new gadgets, objects and/or clothes while roaming in store, purchasing insurance doesn’t necessarily cross your mind. But if you want to make sure your newest purchases are safe, you should consider contents insurance, as you don’t want them to get ruined, broken or stolen. 

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