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Accidental damage cover

Your quick guide to what is and isn't covered

A child contemplating a broken vase on the floor alongside a ball

DIY disasters, broken pairs of glasses and water leaks are just some of the reasons for making a claim on your home insurance. But just what types of accidents can you claim for?

With LV= Home Insurance, you get a certain amount of accidental damage cover as standard for both your buildings and contents. You can also choose to increase the level of cover with our full accidental damage cover.

With LV= Home Plus insurance, for extra peace of mind, full accidental damage cover is included for both your buildings and contents.

Limited accidental damage cover can include things like:

  • Cracking your ceramic hob when you drop a pan on it
  • A child's game that results in a toppled television
  • Smashing a window when putting up a ladder to clean gutters
  • Digging through a cable when you're gardening

Whereas full accidental damage covers you for things like:

  • Knocking a pot of paint over your carpet when you're decorating
  • Spilled drinks on your laptop keyboard
  • A broken sofa following a teenage party
  • Pets scratching or chewing on your furniture

Parents - check your policy

Common accidents include spillages on carpets, drawings on furniture and dropped gadgets. (Crayola offer some great advice about how to remove crayon from fabric.) Not surprisingly, claims tend to peak during the school holidays.

Not all home insurance policies include accidental damage cover as standard on buildings and contents policies. So if you have a growing family, be sure to check that your policy covers you for the most common types of accidental damage. And even if you don't have children at home, accidents by visiting toddlers and teenagers can happen any time.

Don't move home without it

Another flash point for accidental damage claims is when you're moving home. We offer cover during the move, but only if you use a professional removal company to transport your possessions. If you're moving the best china, be sure to leave the packing to the professionals as well. Anything particularly breakable will probably only be covered if it's packed professionally.

Just give us a call before you move to let us know what’s happening. We’ll be able to tell you if your possessions will be covered during the move. If you need to store any items, we also offer 12 months' cover for belongings in temporary storage.

If you're moving the best china, be sure to leave the packing to the professionals

Useful additional cover

Accidents can, and do, happen any time. Our full accidental damage cover provides additional insurance for those times when you don't think it will happen to you.

Like the time when your beloved puppies, Holmes and Watson, are left in the kitchen to stop them chewing your new handmade sofa. Despite being safely shut away, they chew through the kitchen door and destroy the sofa anyway!

It's these little extras that can save you a small fortune over a lifetime of mishaps.

Not everything can be covered

In a nutshell, accidental damage is damage to your home as a result of a non-deliberate act (or in the case of the puppies, a deliberate but innocent act!).

You won't be insured against general wear and tear around your house. For example, if your sofa wears thin and tears or your television stops working. To make a claim, something needs to have happened to the item in question – it won't be covered if it simply wears out or fails for no reason.

You won't be insured against general wear and tear.

Review your home insurance policy

To make sure you're not left paying out for expensive repairs or replacement gadgets, here's some final things to consider:

  • Check you're covered if your pets accidently trash your living room
  • Get the professionals to pack up if you're moving house
  • Add full accidental damage insurance for peace of mind

Choose the level of home insurance you need