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Video guide to LV= personal possessions cover

Watch our video on personal possessions cover

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LV= personal possessions cover

We all know it's too easy to lose or damage something you're wearing or carrying while out and about. LV= personal possessions cover reassuringly includes:

  • Belongings like jewellery, watches, cameras, mobile phones and golf clubs
  • Cover for UK plus Europe and up to 60 days worldwide
  • £500 cover for lost or stolen money and credit cards

There is a limit of £1,500 per item. Any item worth more than this must be specified on the policy.

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LV= transcript for video guide to LV= personal possessions cover

Hello, I'm Bonnie. At LV=, we know that accidents happen. No matter how careful we are with our possessions, sometimes things get lost or damaged when we're wearing or carrying them, while out and about. We provide cover for your personal belongings away from the home; it's an optional extra you can include on your LV= buildings and contents insurance policy, or if you simply choose contents insurance. We'll pay up to £1,500 for any one item, unless it is shown separately on your policy.

Here are some of the things we insure if you choose to add Personal Possessions cover to your policy. We'll cover your mobile phone, jewellery, watch, camera, tablet, even a set of golf clubs.

If you lose or break any of these things while you're away from the home, it's reassuring to know we'll replace or repair them.

Personal Possessions cover also protects you if something happens to your wallet; we pay out up to £500 for lost or stolen money and credit cards.

The cover is not just limited to the UK either. We'll cover you in Europe, as well as up to 60 days worldwide, meaning your possessions are covered no matter where you're going.

For peace of mind, consider adding Personal Possessions cover to your Defaqto 5-Star Rated LV= contents insurance. Give us a call to discuss your needs or visit our website,, for more information about this optional level of cover.

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