12 must-have new kitchen accessories 

Fun, functional and finance-friendly kitchen gadgets.  

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Shrink your energy bills and give those 'get healthy' resolutions a boost with the latest eco-friendly gadgets and time-saving technology.

  • Cost-efficient kitchen accessories
  • Cool cooking gadgets
  • Easy smoothies, sausages and butter from scratch
Before you head to the shops or get online to kit out your kitchen, make sure you've got your contents insurance sorted so you can rest assured your new additions are protected.

1. Instant hot water tap

The hot water tap.

Wave goodbye to your kettle and say hello to instant hot water from your tap. The Quooker tap immediately dispenses boiling water. You can choose between a separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap, or the Quooker Flex or Fusion: a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water.

"The patented high-vacuum insulation ensures that the Quooker's standby usage is just 3 pence a day".

2. iPad-linked thermometer

The iPad-linked thermometer.

Dedicated carnivores will know that a meat thermometer is one of the best bits of kit for cooking steaks and joints to perfection on a BBQ.

Upgrade to the Weber's iGrill 2 Thermometer - which links to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - and the app will monitor your meat on the BBQ, letting you know when it's done.

3. LED lighting

LED lighting.

Swap your halogen spotlights for LEDs all around your kitchen and get set to save.

"On average, the lifespan of a quality LED fitting is 13 times longer than with halogen fittings, reducing the cost and need for replacements," says Sensio Lighting.

"Thanks to the low power consumption of LED's you will see significant energy cost savings – meaning cheaper electricity". 

4. Automatic pot stirrer

The automatic pot stirrer.

Making home-made risotto, porridge, soups and stews is far cheaper than ordering in, but who has the time to endlessly stir a pan?

Enter automatic stirrer Stirio - attaching securely to your pan, it has two speeds to ensure that burnt cookware and ruined meals are a thing of the past.

5. iPad-connected saucepan

The iPad-connected saucepan.

While they're yet to filter over from the US, clever pans could be coming soon. Clever pans weigh ingredients as you add them and let you know when food needs turning via a specialist mobile app. Check out SmartyPans for a taste of the future.

6. Control appliances remotely

The Hive Active Plug app lets you control appliances remotely.

You may have already heard of using Hive to control your heating, but it can also be used to switch plug sockets on and off. The Hive Active Plug and app lets you control lamps and appliances, such as slow cookers and lamps, from your smartphone or tablet, helping you to save energy.

7. A power monitor

A power monitor.

If you've ever wondered how much energy you use in the kitchen, an energy monitor is a must – especially for appliances that are on all the time, like your fridge freezer.

Monitors show how much power you're using in real time, storing historical data so that you can compare usage over different time periods. Using an energy monitor to help change your habits can save you up to £75 in the first year off a £500 bill,

8. Sage Boss to Go

The Sage Boss.

Healthy smoothie makers have boomed, and there are several new blenders that reduce fruit and vegetables to a tasty drink.

The Sage Boss to Go™ creates smoothies that are 42 per cent finer than those created by some personal blenders, so you won't have spinach stuck in your teeth.

It has a better build quality than most other smoothie makers, so it'll last longer and can be used for other things like making rice milks if you are lactose intolerant – if you buy lactose-free milk regularly in the supermarket, the cost mounts up.

Alternatively, pulp yourself a healthy juice in the morning so that you don’t have to splash out on something when you're out and about.

9. Pipe insulation

Pipe insulation.

"Insulate your exposed pipework, whether it's under your sink or outside the kitchen wall, and you could save around £20," says the Energy Saving Trust.

You'll also reduce the chance of them bursting during a cold snap due to the water inside freezing up – a setback that could force you to make a claim on your home insurance.

10. Ovie Smaterware

Ovie Smaterware

Ever had to throw away leftover food in your fridge because you forgot it was in there? Via your Amazon Alexa the Ovie Smarterware is a container with an airtight seal that helps keep your food fresher for longer. All you need to do is tag your food to start getting reminders. 

11. Meat mincer

My Kitchen Electric Meat Mincer.

Burgers, sausages and mince dishes become a doddle once you have a mincer at home. With the Duronic Electric Meat Mincer not only can you use the leanest cuts, you can also use leftover meat to create new dishes. Alternatively, try a mincing attachment for a standard mixer or processor.

12. Butter Churn

The Kilner Butter Churner.

Have some spare whipping cream? In just ten minutes you can have fresh butter made by hand with the Kilner Butter Churner. It's incredibly satisfying to make and guaranteed to be additive-free.

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