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Green Heart Foundation

Making the UK a more confident place, one person at a time.

Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball and our confidence takes a hit. But if you know that someone's got your back, you can be ready to take on the world.

LV= is on a mission to make more people, more confident, more of the time. The LV= Green Heart Foundation is our way of providing help and support for people going through some of life's toughest challenges, giving them confidence when they need it the most.

What makes our foundation different? It's all about bettering the lives of our own customers and members - the people that trust us to look out for them.

Case Studies


Derek's wife was seriously hurt in a car accident whilst holidaying in Switzerland. Her travel insurance with a competitor airlifted her back to the UK for treatment but the car was still stranded abroad. We arranged to get the car home so it was one less thing to worry about.


Discovering that Brian's daughter had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had little time left, we sent the family to their favourite hotel to make memories.


Imagine you can't go to a loved ones funeral because of your own ill health. We arranged a private ambulance for Sheila so she can say goodbye to her beloved husband.


A devastating fire broke out in the family home. Mum, Dad and the kids were sleeping and 22 year old Hayley was the only one who woke up. Rushing from room to room she managed to get her family out. In temporary accommodation we sent her a Movie Night Hamper and some Amazon vouchers to enjoy with her family.

Green Heart with the number 206

The Green Heart Foundation has helped 206 customers and members


Taxi driver Sean was on his last fare of the day when he picked up three men. They got into the back of his taxi and threatened him with a gun. After driving a few miles they pushed Sean out of the taxi and drove off in the cab before setting the vehicle on fire. We sent him for a meal with his family to take his mind off things.

Delivering the good news

Video Transcript

One of our customers was bed bound and afraid she couldn’t afford the ambulance to go to her husband’s funeral

So we, at LV=, decided to do something about it


Hi there, is that Dorothy?

Yes, love.

Hi, it’s Raj from LV=

I like talking to you young man

I like talking to you as well, Dorothy.

Uhm. So, what we’ll do is, to try and help you out in the situation that you’re in at the moment, if we can get some contact details for who’s actually gonna be arranging the ambulance for you, we’d like to take care of that for you.

Oh, you are good. I didn’t believe that people in this world were like this.

LV= Green Heart Foundation

Helping to make the UK more confident, one person at a time

An LV= employee was so touched by Dorothy's story that we had to help. The Green Heart Foundation aims to give help and support to LV= customers in tough times, and help spread confidence to those who need it most.

Great for our customers

woman at a spa day

Thank you so very much for your kind words and the amazing spa voucher which arrived this morning. What a wonderful surprise!

I was completely blown away and to say it was unexpected was an understatement. I fully expected to receive a letter stating that my premium would be increased and there would be all kinds of mental illness exclusions attached to my policy. Instead I received a beautifully written, compassionate card and a spa voucher! The gesture made me quite emotional (in a good way!) and I am so grateful to you. It was so nice to receive a human touch from the corporate world. I can tell that your compassionate approach to these difficult issues will be a major benefit to your employers.

Thank you very much indeed. We shall certainly enjoy our spa break. In fact, I have already booked!

What our customers have said


Just to say a very big Thank You for the Asda vouchers you sent me. It was such a kind and lovely thing to do, I was speechless when I received them and still can't really take it in.


I cannot put into words how I felt on receiving this gift, just restored my faith in the compassion and thoughtfulness of the world. Especially large organisations which seem to lose their human-ness!


I wanted to say a "Big Thank You" for thinking of me at such a difficult and heart breaking time in my life.

Beckie Jane Brown talks about what confidence means for her

Video Transcript

Hello, so today I have been asked by LV= to sit down and talk to you about confidence. And then later on the video I will be talking about the Green Heart Foundation, so stick around for that. As many of you may know already confidence is something I have been struggling with for an exceptionally long time. To summarise, I was an exceptionally confident kid and then around the time I started secondary school the confidence just disappeared. My online persona sometimes bursts with confidence, that’s not always the case between the jump cuts and outside this context.

As I have said before, when I am in this space I feel more myself so this is who I want to be, I’m able to be confident right now. So, talking more about my offline self. My confidence fluctuates, it is always in the back of my mind along with low self-esteem. So seeing as I have been asked to talk about confidence let’s go through a few examples of where I am struggling.

Earlier on this year I made a video about post-graduation life, and about how I was struggling and felt unprepared, things like that. But one big element to my struggles is my low self-esteem – I don’t feel what I am saying is portraying the gravity of the situation. I am capable, but I go through periods where I don’t believe I am capable. So applying to jobs is tricky and then when it comes to actually going to interviews – not that I break down, but I am not myself. I don’t go into a job interview with this persona, I wish I did, I wish I had this confidence in that situation. So, I do struggle to make eye contact. I sort of curl up into myself erm I can’t sell myself which in a job interview situation is something that is vital. And then because I have had so many negative experiences and responses I am now in a situation where I sort of battle internally about the idea that I am not good enough – it reinforces that fear. And I have no confidence.

Changing topics slightly but there is another area of my life which contributes to my low self-esteem and lack of confidence. And it’s my trichotillomania. For those of you who don’t know I have a disorder called trichotillomania where I have impulses to tear out my hair. And in the past I have had massive bald patches, I’ve been bald for several years. This is the most hair I have had on my head in about three years. Go me. But I am not scared of bald patches, that does not upset me. What frustrates me is the fact that I don’t have control. It is a disorder, it’s not a choice. It’s like having something eroding you every day and you have to keep building it back up and erm even right now my hair looks fine, but over the course of this video I am touching it far too much because currently I have, I don’t know, a third of it missing. You couldn’t tell. Whilst I am no expert on confidence as evidenced by my fluctuating confidence – I’d like to go through a few things that I do to help me feel better. And tackle this confidence problem.

Number 1, I try to focus on the things that I am good at things I know I can do. I may be bad at some things, but I can excel in others.

Number 2, and I find this hard sometimes is the fact that I have to keep reminding myself to acknowledge that in order to move forwards I have to take risks and put myself out of my comfort zone.

Number 3, is easier said than done I try pretend that I am more confident than I appear so if I feel myself going like this… I tell myself to sit up straight and bring my head up and smile. Do not underestimate the power of a smile. It’s so powerful.

Number 4, in regards to job interviews, if I find myself unable to make eye-contact I look at their forehead or look at their eyebrows. So it looks like I am making eye contact, but I am not.

And number 5, I recognise my pace and I go slowly I do things in small pieces, I don’t try to push myself COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone overnight. It’s like dipping your toes in the water and running away and then coming back full force, you know you’ve got to test the temperature first.

But moving away from my issues and things I am dealing with – let’s talk a bit more outside the box. Erm… sometimes in life, things happen that we can’t control. So my grandad has been fighting various forms of cancer for the last few years, however this year he was diagnosed this year with terminal cancer and given a period of which he has left to live. This is something else that is hard for me to talk about erm the diagnosis in addition to the journey that we’re currently on, is hard. It has made things more difficult at home – there’s stress – anxiety – trying to help my grandad with the things he’s processing. So in terms of Grandad of helping him through this period we’re trying to keep him occupied and boost his self-esteem.

Regardless of their situation, when it comes to helping other people with confidence sometimes many of us struggle with that. I know myself I am not the best shoulder for somebody to cry on because I am not very good at being helpful. So when it comes to helping others I do struggle, even though I make videos like this. I struggle to know, sometimes, what to say. But I guess overall, if you know somebody is struggling with anything, including; low self-esteem, low confidence. Giving them compliments or praising the things that they are good at can help.

It sounds silly, but I was at the post office last week, and as I handed over my parcels to the lady behind the desk, she said – ‘oooo you’ve got nice dimples’ – and I smiled straight away and then I smiled for the entire day, because of that compliment. And because I smiled I felt better about myself so, the small things can help create snowballs erm and make us feel better.

So now I have talked about some situations where confidence has been a struggle, I want to talk to you about LV= and what they’re doing to promote confidence amongst their customers. LV= is Which’s insurance provider of the year. And they are launching the Green Heart Foundation with a campaign called Confidence Matters. They want their customers to feel more confident in themselves, and then spread more confidence. I think it’s a bit like the pay-it forward movement in a way, you encourage someone else or do an act of kindness and then gradually it goes down a chain and everybody helps one another. In this case, LV= just wanted to give something back to their customers and they recognise that life can throw us curve balls – they’re doing this to help or support people in extraordinary circumstances. If you would like to know more about LV= and the Green Heart Foundation then I will put the link to them down here and also in the video description, downstairs below. So please, go and have a look. If you, watching right now, have had any experiences with confidence or how confidence has impacted your life and have any tips for the rest of us watching, then please comment as well downstairs. You’d be surprised how many of us go through difficult periods, and there’s lots that we can learn from each other.

So to bring this video to an end, please check out the link to LV=’s Green Heart Foundation, downstairs below. And also encourage each other in the comments. And yeah, I will see you on the next one. Bye-bye everyone.

What our people think


I think it is an amazing thing for a company as large as ours to go the extra mile when it matters most.

Hayley, talks to our customers every day

Helping a mum caught up in the Manchester Bombing is what makes me proud to work for LV= and puts everything else today into perspective.

Amanda, Manager in our contact centre

How does the Green Heart Foundation work?

Because of the nature of our business we sometimes hear stories where our customers and members are going through a challenging or stressful time. We empower our customer service teams to trigger support when they identify customers who are in real need. We want our employees to feel that, by working for LV=, they are part of a business that makes a difference to thousands of lives each year and are the ones that know more than anyone the tough situations our customers can find themselves in. Where our people identify that a greater level of support is needed, or when members apply directly, we have an internal committee to help decide how we can best help.