"Alexa... open LV"

Introducing voice search for Alexa Skill

Now you can talk to us through Amazon Alexa

Available on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, our Alexa Skill (the ability to talk to us) is here to answer questions about your LV= carhome, travel and breakdown insurance policies.

You can ask us whether you can drive abroad, how you can make a claim on your car, home, travel or breakdown policy, and even how to add your friend (Alexa, maybe?) as a named driver.

And in case you're wondering, we're still LV= but we've dropped the equals for this one – we don't want to confuse the bots, do we? 

What questions can I ask ?

Start by saying "Open LV" or "Ask LV". You'll be asked which product you'd like to talk about, then we're good to go!

Here's what you can ask...

  • Am I covered to drive in France?
  • Can I insure an electric and non-electric car on one policy?
  • How does a multi car policy work?
  • My pipes have burst – am I covered on my home insurance?
  • Are the contents of my garage covered?
  • Does my travel insurance include Coronavirus cover?
  • Are there age restrictions on my travel insurance?

Here's what you can't do (yet!)...

  • Get a new quote
  • Change or cancel your policy
  • Make a payment
  • Renew your policy
  • Ask when your policy is due to end
  • Access policy details (like your excess amount)


What can it do?

You can ask the Alexa Skill any question about your LV= car, home, travel or breakdown insurance policy. 

Can I ask questions about any of your other products?

At the moment, you can only ask questions about your LV= car, home, travel or breakdown insurance policy.

Rate and review our voice app...

We’d really appreciate it if you could provide us with a bit of feedback to help us improve the experience, and to let us know of any features you’d like to see in the future. You can do this by leaving a rating or review on Amazon.

On your mobile device for Amazon:

  1. Open the Alexa App and tap "Skills & Games"
  2. Go to "Your Skills
  3. Select "LV" and scroll down to "Write a review"

Or, on your computer, follow this link to the Amazon Skill directory