Cancelling your automatic renewal

Why auto-renew?

Automatic renewal saves you time and makes sure you stay covered. Put simply, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re always insured.

If you choose to opt-out of automatic renewal, your policy will end on the date specified in your documents. If you don’t arrange alternative cover, you may be left uninsured.

Why are renewal prices rising?

An increase in claims and growing repair costs is having a major impact on people’s premiums across the insurance industry.

To help make sense of the situation and what we’re doing to tackle it, we’ve put together some information to explain what’s happening with car insurance renewals and why home renewal prices are on the rise. 

How do I switch off auto-renew?

If you've received your renewal letter and would like to opt out of your car or home automatic renewal, please visit our renew page

If you haven't received your renewal letter (or if you have a travel or breakdown policy) you can opt out of automatic renewal by completing the form below.

To make any other changes to your policy, please visit our contact us page



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You can use this form to opt out of automatic renewal up to 6 working days before your cover is due to end (a working day is classed as Monday to Friday, excluding  bank holidays).
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