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I’m a regular volunteer at 20th Andover Guides, attending weekly meetings every Wednesday evening. As LV= General Insurance allow their employees 20 hours of volunteering time, I only had to take two days annual leave to attend our Summer Camp in 2021! Our camp was even more special this year as we weren’t able to go in 2020 due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The pandemic did make the planning slightly more stressful, but once we arrived on camp and formed our ‘bubble’ we all had a great time. We had a team of six leaders at camp with each of us taking a specific role. I was in charge of food which meant cooking over 300 meals!  

I love being a volunteer for Girl Guiding as it's such a privilege to give the young members great experiences, with them taking part in activities amongst their peers which they might not ordinarily get to do. Whilst on camp the girls took part in Grass Sledging, low ropes, craft sessions and a water balloon fight to name but a few! As leaders we’re role models for our young members and it was such a joy to take a group of them to the local parkrun during the camp where the girls completed the 5km by running or walking, and gained their fitness badge. 

Plans are already underway for our camp in 2022 and I intend to use my volunteering hours from LV= to attend. If anyone is thinking about volunteering I would definitely advise them to give it a try, whilst taking our Guides away is a big responsibility we work as a team to keep everyone safe and it really is a lot of fun. I joined Girl Guiding as a Brownie when I was seven, and I always joke that I haven’t left yet! The opportunity to give something back, and try to do as well as the leaders that inspired me growing up, is an immense pleasure and privilege.