Amy's blog: Brickmakers Wood Charity

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I volunteer at Brickmakers Wood Charity in Ipswich. They're part of the Eden Rose Coppice Trust.

I started attending through a volunteer day with LV=GI - some friends of mine had previously been, so I had an interest in going based on what they had told me.

I've now been volunteering with them for about 5 years and I regularly go in my own time.

The woodland is a constant work in progress. It started life as a derelict brownfield site and the owners have transformed it into an eco-friendly area with the ultimate goal being for it to be used by those receiving palliative care. 

I feel proud to spend my time with the people there. Everyone works to develop the woodland, and it gives me a sense of achievement when I look back and see how far the woodland has come.

I learn a lot of skills when I'm there, as well as learning about various plants and trees. Occasionally, we even find some interesting bugs and animals too!

Volunteering is a chance to develop skills, whether that be manual or social. By regularly attending Brickmakers Wood, I've made so many friends and the experience continues to be invaluable.

Here I am pretending to be a Ghostbuster – I am actually spraying water for grass seed.