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Here's all you need to know about our Fintech Pledge

We're making innovation our priority...

Through the Fintech Pledge, LV=General Insurance will support early-stage start-ups from diverse spheres with ideas for back-end and customer-facing solutions. The team will help build, test, improve and deliver successful propositions to the market at speed.

How can you get involved?

Contact us by emailing [email protected]. At this stage, we’ll have an initial conversation where you can tell us all about your proposal. We’ll then review your proposal and you may be asked to prepare a pitch. Please note, you can fall out at any stage in this process.

Our Fintech Pledge

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As part of making innovation its priority, LV= General Insurance has recognised the importance of having a business incubator and has created an Innovation and Development team to help get things moving.

Alongside removing roadblocks to experimentation in the insurance ecosystem, the new team is open to exploring ideas and opportunities outside insurance. They’ll address the latest trends and issues impacting society and the environment by putting our customers at the heart of everything.

Backed by Allianz Personal and their strategic partnership with University of Bristol, as well as links to regional and national start-up support networks, the incubator offers access to expertise from various domains and a varied pool of potential consumer audiences to tap into.