What are we doing to support LGBTQIA+ inclusion?

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Here at LV= General Insurance, we’re committed to creating an inclusive environment for our LGBTQIA+ people and our customers.

It’s safe to say we’re on a journey and there’s more to do but we’re really proud of what’s been achieved in a year.

So…what have we been up to?

In March 2021, we launched our employee network ‘Pride.’ Sponsored by senior leaders, the network champions the needs of our LGBTQIA+ community including, but not limited to, LGBT people of colour, trans, bi and non-binary employees. The network is for employees who identify as LGBTQIA+, friends and family of LGBTQIA+ individuals, allies of the community and anyone who might be exploring their identity too. Working closely with the Allianz Pride network, we’re there to help create an inclusive workplace and provide our people with a safe space.

To celebrate Pride month 2021, we ran a number of initiatives throughout the month including encouraging our people to add pronouns to their email signatures. We also launched an e-learning module to broaden awareness on LGBTQIA+ topics and hosted a virtual drag bingo show to wrap up the month. 

To mark Bi-Visibility day on 23 September 2021, the Allianz and LV= Pride networks, in partnership with the London Bisexual Network, co-hosted a Bisexuali-tea – a fireside webinar chat about the ‘B’ in ‘LGBTQIA+’. Discussion topics included ‘what it means to be bisexual’, coming out, biphobia and bi-erasure.

In September 2021, in collaboration with Allianz Holdings, we launched a new Transitioning at Work Policy. The policy includes information on the legal context and protections relating to transgender employees, as well as key considerations and responsibilities for employees and line managers. Allianz unveils transitioning at work policy

In February 2022, we were proud that LV= GI ranked 210 out of 403 organizations in the Stonewall Equality Index. This is an improvement of 197 points since we last entered in 2019. We’re also thrilled to receive a Silver award for the progress we’re making in LGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion.

In March 2022, we added a statement to our online customer quote journey to acknowledge that the current salutation and gender options aren’t as inclusive as we’d like them to be and we will be working to put this right. 

Sarah Girling, Co-Sponsor Pride Network says:

‘I’m so incredibly proud of what the network has been able to implement in just over a year. We’ve not only created a safe space for LGBTQIA+ colleagues but been able to influence policy and process changes. We’ve also supported the business on projects to make LV= General Insurance more inclusive for our customers too.

There’s  still lots to do but I’m really excited to see what the future holds, we’ve got a clear roadmap of activity and look forward to being part of the change going forward.

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