The Heart to Heart

the heart to heart

Family pressures can affect us all at any time. Now more than ever, families who are struggling need a trusted place to turn to for help and advice. To support our customers, colleagues and families across the country through these difficult times, we’ve launched The Heart to Heart.

“A heart to heart is a conversation in which two people talk honestly about their feelings and problems”

The Heart to Heart is a campaign to support and encourage people to talk about their family pressures, because we truly believe a problem shared is a problem halved. 

We want to make a real difference for vulnerable families when they need our help the most, putting our heart into building better lives.


Sharing our pressures can help

In partnership with Family Action, we’ve produced a research report around the Five Pillars of Family Resilience.

Our research has shown that in 2021 families have been facing a wide range of pressures that are affecting their resilience. 

We know that every family is likely to face pressures from time to time, but these can get bigger and become overwhelming if we don’t talk about them, which has been even more challenging during COVID-19. However, what matters most is how we deal with those pressures, not that these exist in the first place. 

FamilyLine supported by LV=

To provide support to families when they need our help the most, we’ve partnered with Family Action, to support their FamilyLine, a free, national helpline, which provides support or guidance to adult family members via telephone, text message, web chat or email.

Over the next two years, we’ll be supporting FamilyLine financially to secure the future of the service, and allow it to grow to help even more people.

FamilyLine is there to provide a listening ear, answer particular questions or offer guidance around more complex issues.


Donate to Family Action

Thousands of families are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation across the country, and Family Action’s work is not possible without the generosity of supporters.

Volunteer with FamilyLine

Volunteering with FamilyLine can make a huge difference to the lives of families, by offering emotional support and guidance. 

Family Action rely on a network of volunteers to offer support and grow their services to support even more families.