Coronavirus and our community spirit

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How LV= has been lending a hand to support our communities during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The coronavirus crisis has thrown us all into unchartered waters. We’ve all faced huge challenges in the past couple of months, whether we’ve been grappling with grief or loneliness or struggling to juggle work, family and financial commitments. 

But where there have been challenges, there have also been inspiring stories of those doing their bit for their community, whether shopping for their neighbours or volunteering for the NHS.  

At LV=, we’ve always taken great pride in the fact that we're always trying to do the right thing, whether for our customers or our employees, and that’s why we wanted to play our part as well.
Rodney Assock, LV= GI Corporate Responsibility Director

At LV=, we’re passionate about community spirit, so early on, we came up with some ideas, started hitting the phones to make them a reality and empowered our people to help those in our communities who needed us most. 

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to.

Letters of Kindness 

Our Letters of Kindness scheme initiative encourages our employees to write letters or send pictures or drawings to a resident at a nearby care home. The care home staff send responses back to us, with all postage costs covered by LV=. We hope this allows our people to form long-term bonds with elderly people in care.

One of the main initiatives we wanted to focus on was the Letters of Kindness scheme. When we spoke with a number of local care homes, it was heart breaking to hear their stories of how lonely their residents were becoming when they weren’t able to interact with friends and family as much as normal.
Rodney Assock, LV= GI Corporate Responsibility Director

LV= and the Trussell Trust 

At LV=, we know many people across the country are struggling to provide food for their families due to the coronavirus crisis. We’re encouraging our people to make donations to the Trussell Trust to support the vital work of food banks in England. We have a designated JustGiving  page, and LV= will match the amount raised. 


Homeless support 

The homeless are particularly vulnerable right now, as social distancing has meant the closure of soup kitchens, day centres and shelters. On top of that, Big Issue sellers are struggling to make a living through magazine sales. At LV=, we’re supporting a campaign to encourage people to buy The Big Issue digitally. This ensures revenue for those who need it most keeps coming in.  

Some of our people are also joining the national call for NHS volunteers or even contacting their local Community Action Network and seeing how they may be able to chip in with the local effort.
Rodney Assock, LV= GI Corporate Responsibility Director
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