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New to car insurance? Whether you're a first time driver or have been named on someone else’s policy, here’s what you need to know…

  • We all need car insurance, but why?
  • How can you get a quick quote?
  • What does the jargon really mean?

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How has insurance changed over time? 

Car insurance, in its many different forms, has pretty much been around since cars have. Back in the day a car was seen as the ultimate show of wealth and prestige, with only the privileged few owning one… things have changed a little since then though. 

Making car insurance a legal requirement didn’t happen until 1930 when The Road Traffic and Third Party (Rights Against Insurers) Acts were introduced. Fast forward to 2020 and we have the choice of electric car cover, classic car cover and even multi car cover to name just a few. Car insurance has adapted over time to keep up with consumers’ individual needs, resulting in providers like LV= offering Flow, a personalised, flexible, monthly subscription insurance. What you need, when you need it.

Why do I need car insurance? 

You cannot drive a car (or any motor vehicle) without having a valid insurance policy. Your insurance is there to cover you financially should anything happen to your vehicle and it will also cover any claims made against you if you’ve caused injury to other road users or other people’s property following an accident. Anyone can find themselves involved in a situation where their car has been damaged or stolen, so it really is peace of mind to know that your insurance is there for you if and when you might need it.

One of the only reasons you may not need insurance for your car is if you have officially declared your car off road and have declared a SORN from the DVLA. There’s a little more to it than that though, so to find out more, check out our article on how and why to SORN your car.

"With Flow, you’ll be able to upload a picture of your driving licence and will only be asked a few questions rather than having to fill out long online forms. You can also make changes to your cover at the touch of a button, and you’ll always be offered our best possible price".
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How can I get cheap insurance? 

Look, the truth is, cheaper isn’t always better - we’ve all suffered the aftermath of a cheap takeaway, right? That said though, Flow by LV= will give you its best rates based on you and what you need. No hidden extras, no fees, no stress. It’s a quick and easy application and you’ll have 24/7 access to your account where you can customise your cover.

Why can’t I just be on my parent’s policy? 

You need to be clear with your insurer about who drives the car the most, so you cannot state that someone else is the main driver if you’re driving the car more than them. This is called ‘fronting’. Whoever is driving the car the most is the ‘main driver’, with any other drivers being ‘named drivers.’ If you’re not honest about this, it’s considered fraud, so being upfront with your insurer will make things a whole lot simpler in the long run. Want to know more about fronting? LV= explains it all

How can Flow help?

If you’re not happy with your current insurer or if you’re new to car insurance, Flow by LV= couldn’t be simpler. We won’t charge you admin fees, cancellation fees or interest on your premium, plus you can pay via a monthly subscription, the same way you pay for your box set streaming or the gym. Not only that, but we don’t need to use a no claim discount (NCD) to give you our best price. Want to know a bit more about NCD? Have a browse through our jargon busting glossary at the bottom of this article or check out our article where we’ve explained it all.

What do I need to hand when I get a quote? 

We know that you’ve got better things to do than waste time completing lengthy forms with lots of questions, so we’re keeping it simple. 

All you’ll need to get a quote with us is:

  • An image of your driving licence
  • The driving licence details of any drivers you want to add to your cover 
  • The registration of any cars you want to add to your cover 
  • A few personal details, to help us give you the best price 

…and then we’re good to go!

Why do we ask for a photo of your driving license? 

In a nutshell, by you uploading a photo of your driving licence or your driving license number, it means we don’t need to ask you as many questions. The average car insurance application includes over 45 questions, but if you upload a photo of your license when you get a quote with Flow, we’ll only need to ask you 16. This is because your driving license details allow us to get all the information we need from the DVLA, without us having to ask you. Plus, we know it’s 100% correct. This way, we can give you an accurate quote with no surprises down the road. Oh, and in case you were wondering, we won’t store the photo of your license, we’ll only use it to verify everything at the time of you getting a quote. Time saving and more accurate? Sounds good to us. 

There are so many acronyms, technical terms, and what sometimes feel like code words surrounding insurance. So, we’ve simplified some of the most commonly used language around car insurance for you…

From NCD to FCA, what does it all mean?

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