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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be covered under my LV= Doctor Services account?

You (the policyholder) and any of your children up to age 16 (where you are their parent/guardian).

Is this private medical insurance?

No. LV= Doctor Services is not private medical insurance.

Where will my medical records kept?

Following your consultation, your health history will be updated within the app and stored securely with Square Health.

Will I speak to a different doctor or specialist each time?

Yes, depending on the medical condition you may need to speak or be referred to another doctor.

How do I register?

You can register through the app which is downloadable to your smartphone through the App Store or Google Play.

If you don't have a compatible smartphone, you can contact Square Health on 0333 577 7105 to register for this service.

What medical conditions are covered? Are there any medical condition exclusions?

There are no restriction, all medical conditions are cover including mental health illnesses.

How long is this service available to me for?

The service is non-contractual and therefore can be removed or amended by LV= at any time.

What happens if under exemption arrangements I don’t pay for prescriptions?

(for example because I am over 65)

Your current exemptions will not apply.

Will I incur any additional costs for using this service?

LV= Doctor Services is added to Life and Critical illness, Income Protection, Personal Sick Pay, Family Income Assurance, Gift Inter Vivos and Life Protection bought through an independent financial adviser, and the LV= 50+ plan or Life with Critical Illness bought directly with LV at no added cost. If you take a different service outside of what LV= offer there may be additional costs, which you will be required to pay for.

If you use the Prescription Services, upon collection you will need to pay for the prescription medicine. No NHS exceptions are valid with this service.

What happens if I cancel my insurance policy with LV=? Will I still have access to the service?

If you cancel all of your qualifying LV= insurance policies your access to the LV= Doctor Services will automatically end.

Will the results of my consultations affect my insurance policy and/or claim with LV=?

(Will the results of any of my consultations with a Square Health Dr affect my insurance policy and/or claim with LV=?)

No. Square Health will not share any of the medical information held on a customer with LV=.