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Life Insurance with Critical Illness

Our life with critical illness cover can pay a lump sum of money if you die or suffer a critical illness

  • With a total of 63 critical illnesses covered, we’re one of the market leaders
  • Up to £25,000 children’s critical illness cover at no extra cost
  • We pay claims quickly – and you can use your money how you want
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Life insurance and smoking

The cost of life insurance and critical illness is based on risk and life expectancy – and some people have a higher risk of poor health and shorter life. Smokers fall into this higher risk life insurance category.

Because of the links between smoking and some life-threatening diseases, life insurance premiums are higher for smokers than non-smokers.

Why stop smoking?

The two main reasons why you should stop smoking are health and money – and both are relevant to life insurance. Ask any smoker if they would have started smoking if they knew what they know now, and the answer is likely to be ‘no'. We know that nicotine is a poison – and we know it's expensive – 20 cigarettes a day for 50 years at, say £7.00 a packet, is well over £100,000.

Rationally, there's no reason to smoke. It is becoming more socially unacceptable to smoke, and add that to the financial and health considerations, there's no rational reason to continue to smoke.

You can stop smoking

Stopping smoking might be easier than you think. Every time you put out a cigarette you stop smoking. Staying stopped takes more effort – but perhaps not as much as you think. And the benefits are almost endless – including lower life insurance premiums.

There are many ways to help you stop smoking. Assuming you want to stop and are in the right frame of mind, it's easy! And remember those lower life insurance premiums as an added incentive.

Life change: some ways to help you stop smoking

  • Nicotine replacements and prescription medications replace the way the body gets its nicotine and the chemically-driven need to smoke
  • ‘Stop smoking' group meetings mean you can learn from others and perhaps be more motivated
  • Face-to-face support may be available for advice
  • NHS Helpline can tell you how to get support locally. Call 0800 169 0169
  • Visit your GP and discuss what options are available on prescription
  • Hypnotherapy and acupuncture are both said to be effective ways of stopping smoking
  • Reading self-help books like ‘Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking'

Our life with critical illness application is quick and easy

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Children's critical illness cover

Nicola and Jeremy share their story about their son's illness.

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