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Life Insurance with Critical Illness

Our life with critical illness cover can pay a lump sum of money if you die or suffer a critical illness

  • With a total of 63 critical illnesses covered, we’re one of the market leaders
  • Up to £25,000 children’s critical illness cover at no extra cost
  • We pay claims quickly – and you can use your money how you want
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The Critical Illnesses we cover

When you apply for our Critical Illness cover we may sometimes exclude some of these illnesses from your cover. If this happens we'll tell you before your policy starts.

The list below is only a guide to what is covered. For example some types of cancer aren't covered, and to make a claim for some illnesses you need to have permanent symptoms. Full details are given in the policy conditions.

Critical illness cover from LV= will pay if the policy holder dies or suffers from one of the listed critical illnesses. It will either pay a critical illness claim 14 days after the diagnosis or the surgical procedure takes place or if the policy holder dies during the term of the plan.

Some illnesses are covered by one of our partial payments, if we make a payment against one of these your full cover remains in place. If you make a claim that meets the definition for both a partial and full payment condition, we’ll only pay a claim for the full amount of cover and not the partial payment as well. For severe Crohn’s disease and severe Ulcerative Colitis we’ll only make one partial payment. So if we paid a partial payment for one of them, you won't then be covered for the other one. For example if we pay a claim for severe Crohn’s disease, you won't be covered for severe Ulcerative Colitis.

These policy conditions apply to new policies only. If you already have a policy with us your policy conditions may be different. If you’re checking to see what cover you have or to see if a claim would be covered, make sure you read the policy conditions you received when you took out your policy. If you’d like a copy of your policy conditions please contact us.

Full payment conditions covered:

  1. Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia – resulting in permanent symptoms
  2. Aorta graft surgery – for disease or traumatic injury
  3. Aplastic anaemia – complete
  4. Bacterial meningitis – resulting in permanent symptoms
  5. Benign brain tumour
  6. Benign spinal cord tumour – resulting in permanent symptoms
  7. Blindness – permanent and irreversible
  8. Cancer – excluding less advanced cases
  9. Cardiac arrest
  10. Cardiomyopathy – of specified severity
  11. Coma – with associated permanent symptoms
  12. Coronary artery bypass grafts
  13. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
  14. Deafness – permanent and irreversible
  15. Encephalitis – resulting in permanent symptoms
  16. Heart attack – of specified severity
  17. Heart valve replacement or repair
  18. HIV infection – caught in a specified list of countries from a blood transfusion, a physical assault or at work
  19. Idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension – of specified severity
  20. Kidney failure – requiring permanent dialysis
  21. Liver failure
  22. Loss of hands or feet – permanent physical severance
  23. Loss of independent existence – unable to look after yourself ever again
  24. Loss of speech – permanent and irreversible
  25. Major organ transplant - from another person
  26. Motor neurone disease – resulting in permanent symptoms
  27. Multiple sclerosis – with persisting symptoms
  28. Multiple system atrophy – resulting in permanent symptoms
  29. Neuromyelitis optica (Devic's disease) - with persisting symptoms
  30. Open Heart Surgery – with surgery to divide the breastbone
  31. Paralysis of a limb – total and irreversible
  32. Parkinson’s disease – resulting in permanent symptoms
  33. Parkinson Plus Syndromes - resulting in permanent symptoms
  34. Pneumonectomy – removal of an entire lung
  35. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy – resulting in permanent symptoms
  36. Pulmonary Artery Surgery – for disease only
  37. Severe lung disease
  38. Stroke – of specified severity
  39. Surgical removal of an eyeball
  40. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  41. Terminal illness
  42. Third degree burns – covering 20% of the body’s surface area or affecting 50% of the area of the face or head
  43. Traumatic brain injury – resulting in permanent symptoms

Partial payment conditions covered:

  1. Accident hospitalisation cover - (lower of 25% of cover and £25,000)
  2. Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) of the brain - with specified treatment (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  3. Carcinoma in-situ of the cervix uteri - requiring treatment with hysterectomy (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  4. Carcinoma in-situ of the urinary bladder - (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  5. Carotid Artery Stenosis - treated by Endarterectomy or Angioplasty (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  6. Cerebral Aneurysm - with surgery or radiotherapy (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  7. Central retinal artery or vein occlusion - resulting in permanent visual loss (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  8. Coronary artery angioplasty - with specified treatment (lower of 25% of cover and £25,000)
  9. Diabetes mellitus Type 1 - requiring permanent insulin injections (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  10. Ductal or lobular carcinoma in-situ of the breast - with specified treatment (lower of 25% of cover and £25,000)
  11. Non-severe cardiomyopathy - definite diagnosis (lower of 25% of cover and £25,000)
  12. Ovarian tumour of borderline malignancy/low malignant potential - with surgical removal of an ovary (lower of 12.5% of cover and £25,000)
  13. Partial loss of hearing - of specified severity (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  14. Partial loss of sight - permanent and irreversible (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  15. Partial third degree burns - covering 10% of the body’s surface area or affecting 25% of the area of the face or head (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  16. Prostate Cancer - (lower of 25% of cover and £25,000)
  17. Removal of one or more lobe(s) of the lung - for disease or trauma (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  18. Severe Crohn’s disease - surgically treated (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  19. Severe ulcerative colitis - with operation to remove the entire large bowel (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)
  20. Testicular carcinoma in-situ - requiring surgery to remove at least one testicle (lower of 12.5% of cover and £12,500)

If you can’t find your policy conditions and would like help with making a claim please call our friendly claims team on 0800 756 5869.

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