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Life Insurance with Critical Illness

Our life with critical illness cover can pay a lump sum of money if you die or suffer a critical illness

  • With a total of 63 critical illnesses covered, we’re one of the market leaders
  • Up to £25,000 children’s critical illness cover at no extra cost
  • We pay claims quickly – and you can use your money how you want
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An LV= Story – Meet Paul

38-year-old Paul Betteridge thought he'd suffered a groin strain back in the summer of 2012. Weeks later, the very fit and healthy young father was diagnosed with bone cancer. Paul shares his story with us and talks about why having financial protection in place is so important during these life-changing experiences.

Although Paul didn't have any protection products in place, he was fortunate to have employer support throughout his treatment - the best part of a year, but many people may not have that guarantee. Products such as Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection can provide much-needed support and peace of mind.

Speak to your financial adviser to find out more or explore our website to understand the different products available.

Watch Paul's moving story

Video transcript

Paul: It was the summer of 2012 and I started to get what, what (sic) felt like a groin strain – I just assumed it was a sports injury. I went to see the GP, on a Saturday because I don’t like to take too much time out of work. “(I’ve) got this muscular injury”, he kind of puts one and one together like I did. They sent me packing with some cream and a prescription of Ibuprofen.

The second week after the visit to the GP I got out of bed and I just thought ‘I can’t possibly drive to work’, I couldn’t safely drive my car it was that bad. I started to feel quite sick with it as well at this point so Hayley, my wife, said “you know, don’t wait, let’s get an emergency appointment right now” and this time, luckily, I was seen by sort of, one of the senior doctors in the practice and when I talked her through the story she knew instantly that there was a real problem. So, she ordered a blood test then and there in the surgery and sent me directly to hospital for a scan.

We got a call later on in the evening from the GP that had seen us in the morning and she just said “there’s something wrong at the top of your leg. Not sure what it is, but just try not to weight-bear”. So I was like ok, just take it easy over the weekend.

Hayley had to take a few bits and bobs back to Debenhams in Southampton so we thought we’d take our chances, we had the crutches. We were at the crossing, lights go red, beeps come on so I’m hobbling over – the time runs out, the beeps run out so I started to speed up a little bit and I put the right hand crutch just a little bit too far ahead of me. Just at that point in time, just my own bodyweight being put back on my leg was enough to snap my bone. I was taken to Southampton General and that kicked off a week of scans and tests and all of those good things.

Hayley: I suppose because we were all being so positive we kept thinking “it’s not going to be cancer, it’s not going to be cancer” and just confirming it was just hideous. We knew it was a possibility but it was just, it was just (sic) devastating, I couldn’t even talk to him – I think I just dropped the phone didn’t I? I was hysterical.

Paul: Yeah, it was a horrible time, a horrible time for everyone. Really, really stressful. Lots of worry. Lots of pain. Lots of discomfort. It was brutal, chemotherapy, really really brutal.

Hayley: It was like we were all going through it together. You know, everything he went through, it affected us. We just desperately wanted him home but when he was home you know, he wasn’t well and I found it really hard to go and see him because I just wanted him to have the best of everything – the best care possible and that wasn’t always what it was like.

Paul: Financially, I was extremely fortunate; my employer very generously supported me through the whole time. So for the full 11/12 months, they kept me on full sick pay. And I think contractually, they were only obliged to look after me on full pay for 40 days.

Hayley: We looked into you know, what sort of benefits and things we would be entitled to and there’s not really a huge amount. If Paul wasn’t paid we would have really struggled.

Paul: It would just be life changing – and the cancer was life changing enough without having to have the trauma of whatever financial woes could have potentially have occurred.

So, in the past I’ve taken out critical illness and income protection, but then I suppose reality bites a little bit and you know, (I have a) young family, lots of hobbies, like nice things, renovating the house and sometimes the ends don’t meet. And you kind of think to yourself ‘well, I’m probably in the best shape of my life you know? Hayley’s fit and well, and I’ve got this chunk of money going out of my bank every single month and for what? I’m not going to need it. So, one by one, you cancel them; I’m not ashamed that I did, but again, I was supported so I was very lucky.

Hayley: What he’s been through, I wouldn’t wish on anybody, it is absolutely horrific. And, you know, he’s had his life completely changed – he can’t run, he can’t play football and he doesn’t moan, he just gets on with it. (Paul: I’m proud of them (his family) too). We’re just thankful that he’s still here with us.

Paul: I’m back on course again, feeling good now – feeling much better. I think for the girls as well, they’ve got back into a routine, some sort of normality and yeah, at this point in time, normal feels good!

Paul’s Story – the Background

Photo of Paul Betterige talking about his experience

Paul Betteridge is a Finance Manager who works at LV= and very kindly offered to share his story.

A small team from LV= and documentary crew from local film production company 'The Lightside' visited his family one sunny Saturday morning in April to meet his wife Hayley, and Darcey and Florence, his daughters.

They welcomed us into their lovely home where we drank tea, ate cake and met the excitable dogs too!

Paul is an incredibly upbeat and positive chap, and it was very moving to see him almost re-live the experience as he shared his story with us.

Whilst he was lucky not to have to worry about money, we’ve created this video to help raise awareness of the financial peace of mind protection can offer – because not all employers are able to support employees for extended periods of illness.

Paul's wedding photos

‘An LV= Story’ is a new series of micro-documentaries we’re creating to help people understand how financial products can help them look after what they love. Watch them all on our YouTube channel.

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