Coronavirus - pensions 

Covid-19 update and your pension

At this extraordinary time, our thoughts and concerns are with the ones we love and everyone’s health and wellbeing. But if you have a pension with us, you may be thinking about how it could be affected.

You'll have seen and felt the significant volatility and reductions in markets around the world as concerns about the effect of Covid-19 took hold. No-one can be sure, but given the uncertainties about how long the virus will impact our everyday lives, it seems likely that we should anticipate that this market volatility will continue.

We completely understand that the current situation will naturally cause worry.

Answers to questions you might have about your pension with LV=

I applied for a new LV= product but I haven’t heard anything. What should I do?
I can’t contact my financial adviser as they're in self isolation. What should I do?
I’ve got a policy with LV= but can’t find the policy documents
I’ve just had a call from LV=. How do I know it’s genuine?
How will I know how my pension / investment is performing?
Is it possible that my pension / investment has fallen in value?
Should I make any changes to my pension / investment?
Will I still receive any payments from LV=?
Can I cancel or stop any payments I am making for a pension or investment policy?
I’m worried about fraud and scams - do you have any advice?
I want to understand more about my policy?
I’m struggling to make ends meet. Can you help?

Get in touch

The first person you should contact is your financial adviser

If you haven’t got one you can find a list of professionals in the link below.

You should know that they do charge a fee for their services and obviously they won’t be able to come to your home until the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted.

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