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This information is especially for members who have an older policy, which was probably taken out before 2008, and RNPFN and Teachers members.

Older policies, mostly before 2008
Full list of products including RNPFN and Teachers

At the start of the pandemic you may have noticed in the news the volatility and reductions in markets around the world as the concerns surrounding Covid-19 impacted the global economy. 

We completely understand that the economic impacts and the consequences seen in the markets made some people worry about their investments, and what to do. It’s quite normal for stock markets to fall but obviously in the first half of 2020 we saw a marked difference in a short space of time.

It’s important to bear in mind that when we think of long-term investments we see them as at least ten years, and in a lot of cases much longer than that. Even in extraordinary times taking a longer-term view remains a sensible perspective to take, especially as spur-of-the moment choices, like taking money out, could carry its own risks. 

Some of our products also benefit from valuable guarantees, and our with-profits policies can benefit from smoothing which means that the impact of market volatility is reduced. Please check out your original product information, or your latest annual statement to see if these features apply to your policy.

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