Coronavirus - Life Insurance & related products

Covid-19 update for Life Insurance and related products

Every life is precious, but tragically, despite all the efforts currently being made by our amazing NHS, some people will sadly pass away or be left with ongoing medical conditions due to Covid-19.

The information on this page covers the following products:
  • Life Insurance
  • Combined Life and Critical Illness
  • Over 50's Plans
  • Relevant Life Cover
  • Family Income Assurance

A claim if someone passes

If you have lost a loved one that was one of our policyholders, we’re here for you.

As heart-breaking as the loss of a loved one is, our life insurance policies will cover people that have died and we’ll pay a claim in line with the policy terms and conditions.

We’ve tried to make the claims process as easy as possible for you and we’ll do our very best to deal with claims as quickly as possible.

A claim if someone has a critical Illness

Thankfully, most people who have tested positive for Covid-19, will make a full recovery.

As we learn more about this virus it has become clear that some people might go on to develop long-term health issues that may be covered by your policy - for example, severe lung disease or kidney failure.

If you develop an illness that is covered, we’ll assess and deal with a claim in the normal way and pay-out in line with your policy terms and conditions. 

There will be no negative impact for any of our members if they have a Covid-19 vaccine as part of the UK vaccination programme.
This is set out in the policy conditions which you would have received when you took out your policy. If you don’t have these, then please contact us and we can let you know or send out another set of terms and conditions for your policy.

We’ll be working on this and will keep you informed along the way.

If you’d like to check the progress of your claim please contact us.

We are processing claims as quickly as we can. However we can provide an early payment of up to £10,000 and will aim to pay the money within 24 hours. Please call us to discuss this.
You will need to complete an application form. Please contact us for a form. Or if you have a financial adviser, please get in touch with them as they will be able to access any forms and help you complete them.
Please contact us by email or phone and we can send out new documents to you.
You can take a look at your terms and conditions to see the features of your product. Or you can contact us and we can tell you. If necessary you can also talk to a financial adviser about what plans you could put in place for the future.
Sometimes we’ll call our customers to resolve a query. However it is right to be wary of calls that might be bogus. The best thing to do is take the caller’s name, hang up and ring back using our  switchboard number which is 0800 678 1680.  If the call has come from one our team here at LV= the switchboard operator will be able to transfer your call over to them.

Please bear in mind that we will never ask you to confirm your bank account details over the phone. You should never clarify or give your bank details to anyone over the phone.
Criminals never sleep and they are sadly using Covid-19 as another opportunity to benefit.

Please check out our information on fraud and scams.
We’re still accepting new business and processing any applications but it may be taking us slightly longer to do this. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible. If you’d like to know the progress of your new product please contact us.
Most financial advisers have set up alternative contact details so try these first. 

However if you have a query about your LV= policy application, please contact us and we’ll  respond as soon as we can.
Of course, but you need to consider the impacts carefully. For instance you won’t be covered, or be able to claim if something happens. We urge you to think about any steps you take, and if necessary speak to your financial adviser first.
Yes, but you can only do this by reducing the amount of cover on your policy. This has always been an option for you. But, in the past, to reverse this and increase your cover again it meant answering medical questions, and it wasn’t always guaranteed we could increase it back to what it once was, or at all. 
However, we know that some of our members are under more financial strain than usual at the moment, and we want to help. If you took out your policy before 1 March 2020* we’re now able to temporarily lower your cover for 6 months. This would in turn lower the amount you pay for it. At the end of the 6 months we’ll automatically increase your cover again without any need for you to go through additional medical checks or questioning. This will mean the amount you pay each month will also increase automatically. 
If you want to increase your cover again before the 6 month period has ended, you’ll need to let us know. We’ll need to take you through some medical checks and it’s not guaranteed we’ll be able to increase it again before the 6 month period has ended.  
Alternatively, if you want to continue with this lower level of cover for longer than 6 months,  you’ll need to contact us to let us know before we automatically increase your cover again. Continuing with lower cover for longer than the 6 months will mean you’ll need to complete further medical checks and questioning should you want to increase your cover again in the future, and it’s not guaranteed we’ll be able to increase it. 
If you’d like to talk to us about reducing how much you pay each month please get in touch, or contact your financial adviser who can speak to us about it for you.
*Please bear in mind this option isn’t available if you have a policy taken out after 1 March 2020, of if your policy is Sick Pay Insurance, Quick Cover Life Insurance, or a Pension Term assurance policy. If you’re unsure please contact us and we’ll be able to confirm this for you.
If you miss one or more payments, we’ll usually offer you a minimum grace period of 60 days to bring your premiums up-to-date (please check your policy conditions to see what grace period you have). If you can't afford to keep you policy in place you need to consider the impacts carefully.

For instance you won't be covered, or be able to make a claim if something happens. We encourage you to think about any steps you take, and give us a call so we can talk this through with you.

If you’re facing an exceptionally challenging time, which means that you're financially impacted and can't pay your normal premiums, we may be able to offer you a 'payment break'

This option is for particularly vulnerable customers that need extra support above and beyond what's included in their policy, our additional support services or member benefits. The offer of a payment break is subject to certain criteria and individual circumstances.

To be eligible for a payment break option, you should:

  • have a policy that's been in place for 12 months or more
  • have maintained your premiums in the past and not been more than 3 months in arrears
  • not have used a payment break before
  • have an individual income of less than £50,000
  • have been adversely impacted by a significant drop of 50% or more to your income, or your usual earnings have stopped
  • not be receiving furlough support

If we’re able to offer any payment break we'll be able to do this one month at a time and will review the situation with you on a month by month basis.

Your cover would remain in place, in full, during any payment break. And you'd be able to make a claim in the usual way, in line with the terms and conditions of your policy.

A 'payment break' option may also be available for our members who are considered vulnerable and are unable to pay premiums due to a mental or chronic physical health issue, or are coming to terms with the death of a close family member. 

If you would like to explore a payment break option please contact us so we can talk to you about your circumstances and current income situation.

There is a lot of support out there which you can read about and we have a Member Support Fund which might also be able to help.

If you'd like to speak to us about your policy: