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Protect yourself and your money

Criminals never sleep. Sadly they are taking advantage of the Covid-19 situation. This is the time to be even more vigilant around possible scams. 

As shocking and disturbing as fraud is, especially right now, we urge you to be especially cautious. 
Scams come in many shapes, forms and disguises, whether they are about insurance policies, pension transfers or high-return investments. Make sure you do everything possible to safeguard your money. Here at LV= we still have a team that fights financial crime. Here’s our information and other useful links about what to watch out for.

How LV= goes about fighting financial crime

Everyone is a potential victim; financial crime awareness is key to your protection.
Find out how LV= fights financial crime

Information from Citizens Advice

Scams can be difficult to recognise, but there are things you can look out for.

You can use the Citizens Advice 'online scams helper' to get advice that’s specific to your situation.

Online scams helper from Citizens Advice

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Scamsmart is your one-stop-shop to help you understand the signs, and what you should do to protect yourself from pension scams. 

Financial Conduct Authority - Scamsmart

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