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LV= Facebook house rules

Welcome to our Facebook page

Thanks for visiting our Facebook page. We hope you’ll take the time to take a look at our content and to share your comments, questions and ideas.

  • Restrictions on content – As we work in the financial services industry, there are a lot of things that we can’t say or do on a public website like Facebook. Our regulators have clear guidelines around what we can discuss in an open forum, and that’s why on this page we can never talk about policies you might have with us, claims that you’re making or other personal information.
  • Customer queries – If you want to talk to us specifically about your policy or claim then please email us at, including your policy and contact details. We’ll then get back to you directly so that we can discuss the matter in a private way. If you prefer, you could also contact us directly by phone.
  • Content on this page – We actively encourage you to share your opinions. We really want hear what you have to say, but it’s better for everyone if we have clear house rules. We can’t control what people post on the page, but we will remove content if necessary.

House Rules:

1. Keep on-topic – If the discussion is about car insurance, stick to that topic, not see it as an opportunity to go off on a tangent.

2. Use appropriate language – Keep language appropriate for a family audience.

3. Respect others’ opinions - While you might not always agree with what others are saying, it’s important to respect a difference of opinions. Sometimes you just need to agree to disagree.

4. Protect yourself – Don’t share any policy or personal information – you never know who is looking at the page.

Removal of content

It rarely happens, but sometimes we have to remove content. We reserve the right to do this where users don’t follow the above House Rules or specifically post content that:

  • contains personal data (phone numbers, policy numbers, addresses, car details, etc.)
  • makes a personal attack on a named individual or individuals
  • is offensive, abusive, insulting or of a bullying nature
  • is off-topic and has no relevance to our Facebook followers
  • is 'spam' or promotes services or products
  • is repeated posting of same content across multiple locations
  • is unlawful
  • breaches copyright regulations

In extreme cases we also reserve the right to permanently ban users from our page.

Facebook rules

We have set up our own page on Facebook but we have no control over how Facebook uses any content that you post or how they might monitor your activity. We also have no control over which adverts may appear on our page; the presence of an advert doesn’t mean that we endorse or affiliate ourselves with such advertisements and features.

As a user of Facebook you will be expected to follow Facebook’s own terms and conditions.