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Heritage policies

For life, pensions, savings and RNPFN policies

  • Find contact information for your heritage policy
  • Download documents to change your details
  • Trace an old policy
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Heritage help and FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions we've been asked about our Heritage products.

What is Life Assurance Premium Relief and how does it affect my policy?

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) pays Life Assurance Premium Relief (LAPR) of 12.5% of each premium for most qualifying life insurance policies taken out before 20 March 1984. Government has now decided it will be stopped for future premiums. This means that premiums paid from 6 April 2015 will no longer benefit from LAPR.

Further information can be found by going to our LAPR page

How can I trace an old policy?

If you have an old policy (so called 'penny policy') you can use our online tracing form.

How quickly will my request to trace a policy take to be completed?

We aim to process all written queries as soon as we can. Our standard service level is 3-5 working days.

How do I make a claim on a life policy when someone has passed away?

We need the next of kin, nominee or the executor of the will to complete a payment request form. This is available to download on this page.

The payment request form should be returned to us by post at the earliest convenience together with policy documents (if available), copy of the will (if applicable) and the original death certificate.

Alternatively, please call us on 0800 681 6294 and we can send you a form.

How do I cash in a policy?

Please call us on 0800 681 6294 and if you meet the criteria we can process the surrender request verbally. Alternatively we'll send you a surrender request and policy discharge form to complete.

You can also find links to the surrender forms by policy, at the right hand side of this page.

How do I update my information? (name, address, bank details)

  • Change of name
    - If your name has changed due to marriage, we'll need you to send us a letter with your policy number, full address and previous name together with the original marriage certificate.
    - If your name was changed by deed poll, we'll need you to send us a letter with your policy number, full address and previous name together with the original deed poll confirming your new name.
    - If you have noticed that there's a spelling mistake on your policy details, please contact us on 0800 681 6294. We can recall the original application to double check the details. If these aren't available, we'll ask you to send the original birth certificate to allow us to amend your details.
  • Change of address
    For a change of address you can contact us on 0800 681 6294 and we can amend the details for you over the phone. Please have your policy number and the current address we hold on the system for you. You can also send us a letter confirming your new address. Please make sure you also confirm your old address and policy number.
    - Alternatively, you can complete our online change of address form.
  • Change of bank
    - If you are the policy holder, and the new Direct Debit is in your name you can call us on 0800 681 6294 to update these.
    - If you don't know your new bank details yet, or the Direct Debit is to be in someone else's name, we can post a paper mandate form for you to sign and return.
    - You can also download a copy of the Direct Debit mandate to print, sign and return.

Have LV= taken over any other Life Companies and Societies?

A list of the Life Companies and Societies we've taken over can be found on the 'our heritage' page.

If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, you can fill out our general enquiry form.

LV= policy documents

You can find annuity, death claim, surrender and maturity forms for LV= policies here.

RNPFN policy documents

You can find annuity, death claim, surrender and maturity forms for RNPFN policies here.

Unitised With Profits policy documents

You can find death claim, surrender and maturity forms for Unitised With Profits policies here.