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PPI and CPP enquiry form

Within the suite of products offered by LV=, PPI was offered on Personal Loans and Credit Card products only.

Please give us as much information as you can, including previous names and addresses if you had them when you took out your policy and we'll check our records.

Your details
Your contact details

What if I've moved since taking out the policy?

Please give us the address where you live now. If you took out your policy at a previous address you can enter it further down.

About the policy
What type of policy is your enquiry about? *

If you have a PPI enquiry, what was the PPI for?

Previous surnames or joint names (if applicable)

If you've changed your name or it was taken out in a joint name, please let us know them

If you had a different surname when you took it out...

If you took out the policy in joint names...

Previous address (if applicable)

If you've moved house since taking out your policy, please let us know your old address

If you lived at a different address when you took it out...

Anything else?

Prefer to talk to us?


Personal loans

0800 022 3867

Credit card

0800 022 3930


Liverpool Victoria policies

0800 022 3930

CPP policies

0844 848 2914

Lines open 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri

Other complaints phone numbers