Brexit and your commercial insurance

Wondering how Brexit will affect your commercial insurance? 

Your Policy

Let's start with Brexit and your policies...

Brexit is a changing situation but don’t worry, we’re keeping a close eye on it. For regular news and updates, keep checking this page.

We’ve been given an extension on Article 50 until 31 January 2020.

If you’re driving to or from Europe after 31 January 2020, there could be some impact.  

Make sure you’re ready for any of the possible outcomes with our Brexit result matrix below: 

  • ‘No-deal’ Brexit - Green Card and International Driving Permit to travel after 31 January 2020
  • Brexit deal - No changes, put your feet up, you don’t need to do anything!
  • Extension to Brexit decision (Article 50) - No changes will come into effect until after the new Brexit date

What is a Green Card and why would I ever need one?

Great question! The Green Card is evidence that you have the minimum level of cover required to travel through the EEA (European Economic Area). Please refer to your policy wording to see what cover applies to you when you’re driving in the EEA. Green Cards will be required for all UK motorists to drive in the EEA, Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland as proof of insurance if we arrive at a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. If you require a Green Card, please contact your broker who may charge a nominal administration fee. Travelling without a Green Card may be breaking the law and could cause severe delays at borders.

The same requirements will apply to motorists from the countries listed above travelling to the UK.

Do I need to request a Green Card right now?

You’ll need a Green Card in advance if any of the following instances apply to you: 

  • If you already have your vehicle outside of the UK and don’t plan to return before 31 January 2020
  • If you’ll be taking your vehicle outside of the UK and don’t plan on returning before 31 January 2020

In these instances, please contact your insurance broker or the customer services number written on your policy. Your broker will ensure a Green Card is issued as a precautionary measure.

My policy is due to renew before the 31 January 2020 – will you automatically send me a Green Card?

As the outcome of Brexit is not yet confirmed we won’t be automatically sending out Green Cards. However upon request, your broker can issue a Green Card.

Will digital copies of Green Cards be accepted?

Not at the moment. However the Council of Bureaux and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe are considering the possibility of digitalising Green Cards.

Commercial Vehicle

So, what about your Commercial Vehicle policy?

If a Brexit deal is agreed, you’ll be able to drive in Europe as freely as you can now so don’t go cancelling that road trip.

In the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, if taking your vehicle and any caravan or trailer to Europe (including Ireland) after 31 January 2020, you’ll need a Green Card as evidence of motor insurance. Without a Green Card, you might not be permitted to enter Europe, or you could face a fine if stopped by the police.  
If there’s a ‘no deal’ Brexit, you’ll be able to order a Green Card from your broker. These aren’t necessary yet, so there’s no need to contact them if you’re planning to drive in Europe.  For regular news and updates, keep checking this page.

Green Cards will be valid until your next policy renewal date, so you can travel as much as you like on the same Green Card unless you change your truck, fleet or taxi, address or who can drive your vehicle where a new Green Card will be required.

In the event of ‘no deal’, you’ll also need to obtain an International Driving Permit - available from the Post Office.