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Caravan insurance glossary

Our jargon busting guide to caravan insurance

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Accidental damage
Damage caused suddenly by external means which is not expected and not deliberate.


British Isles
Great Britain, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


A single loss or series of losses arising from one incident or illness.


Any member country of the EU, any country within the European continent west of the Ural mountains and countries with a Mediterranean coastline.
The first amount of any claim you must pay.


Your husband, wife or partner, children (including foster children), parents and other relatives who permanently live with you.


Limit of cover
The most we will pay in respect of a claim, less any excess.


Market value
The cost of replacing your caravan or trailer with one of the same make, model and specification, taking into account its age and condition. To determine the market value, we’ll usually ask an engineer for advice and refer to guides and any other relevant sources. We’ll consider the amount you could reasonably have obtained for your caravan or trailer if you sold it immediately before the accident, loss or theft and not the price you paid for it.
Cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal and money orders, banker’s drafts, luncheon vouchers, saving stamps and certificates, bonds, current postage stamps, travellers cheques, travel tickets, season tickets and gift tokens belonging to, or the responsibility of, you or your family.


Period of insurance
The length of time that the contract of insurance applies for. This is shown on your schedule.
Personal effects
Personal belongings which are designed to be worn or carried.




Your schedule includes the:

  • Period of cover
  • Name of the policyholder
  • Sections of insurance that apply
  • Limits of cover, and
  • Any conditions that may vary the terms of your insurance


We, us or our
Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited.


You or your
The person or people shown on the current schedule.