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Your caravan insurance premium explained

Find out how we work out the cost of caravan insurance

Your age and how much experience you have driving caravans

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We’ll need to know your age, claims history, and any experience you have with towing or travelling with caravans.

The caravan you're looking to insure

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Things such as the make, model and age of the caravan will affect the cost of your premium. The more expensive your caravan would be to repair or replace, the more you’ll pay for your insurance.

The contents of your caravan

Perhaps you use your caravan for storage when you’re not using it, or maybe you’ve got furniture, gadgets or luggage inside the caravan. Either way, we’ll need to know a bit about the contents of your caravan.

Where your caravan is kept

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Your neighbourhood can affect the cost of your caravan insurance. Normally, in areas where the risk of accidents is greater (typically more urban and population dense areas), you’ll pay more. The same applies if you live somewhere which has high levels of vehicle crime.

Changes in legislation or regulations

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Legislative and regulatory changes can have an effect on the price of your caravan insurance premium. Changes in taxation imposed by the government can also affect your price: Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a tax on general insurance premiums and has increased incrementally since it was introduced.

The rising costs of parts and labour

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Just like everything else, the cost of caravan parts and employing skilled mechanics to repair damaged caravans is going up too, increasing the cost of claims. Naturally, this has a knock on effect on the price of your insurance premium.