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Video guide on what happens if your vehicle can't be repaired

Our video on what happens if your vehicle can't be repaired following an accident

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What happens if your vehicle can't be repaired

Our comprehensive car insurance policy offers you protection for your vehicle in case something should ever happen.

If your car’s been written off, you can call us to find out about:

  • Collection via our salvage agents
  • Keeping your car in the event it's written off
  • Discussing the value of your car
  • Receiving payment

Buying LV= car insurance is quick and easy

LV= transcript for video guide on what happens when your vehicle can't be repaired following an accident

Hello, I'm Bailey. If you've had an incident in your vehicle which meant that it was more cost-effective to 'write it off' rather than repair it, then we would take you through our 'total loss' process to make sure you get a fair, market-price for your vehicle.

If you've got our optional courtesy car cover, we'll provide you with a small hatchback (like a Ford KA), or a similar sized car to your own if you've chosen to upgrade your cover for up to 21 days, or until four days after the date we pay your claim (whichever comes first).

So what happens when you give our claims team a call?

First, we'll contact the garage that your vehicle was taken to and request the estimated cost of repairing it.

The garage then sends us images, a detailed report and an estimate for how much it would cost to repair.

Our engineers then calculate the market value of your vehicle, using industry-standard guides including the Glass's Guide as well as other sources like Auto Trader.

If the costs of repair are more than the market value, we'll compile a total loss report and call you to discuss the next steps of the claims process.

We'll ask you to send us your V5C document, otherwise known as the registration document

or car logbook, your MOT reference numbers and your current mileage.

Next we'll arrange for your vehicle to be collected and taken to a salvage yard.

If you'd like to keep your vehicle, you can discuss it with one of our claim handlers.

Before we come and collect your vehicle, don't forget to remove any personal belongings.

When the truck arrives, please hand over the keys.

If your vehicle is less than a year old and you're the first and only registered keeper, we'll replace it with a new one.

Otherwise, you'll receive your claim settlement figure.

For more information, please visit our website, or call our UK-based claims team.

We're always happy to help.

We love saving you money on other insurance too...